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1938 in Vienna, Austria marked the beginning of a revolution. The original Styriette, a gas-powered bike developed by Steyr-Daimler Puch debuted as one of the first motorized bicycles. The 60cc twin-stroke engine could power the bike up to 20 miles per hour. With its upright cruiser-style frame available in both male and female versions, this was the best commuter bike for the Austrian region of Styria.

Seventy-one years later, the Styriette has upgraded their classic design to fit the evolving world of electric bikes. Using the BionX electric motor kit, the 2009 Styriette can travel for 20 miles without the need to recharge the battery. The halogen lamp has been replaced with LED lighting. The integrated BionX rear hub contains both the 250 watt motor as well as a three-speed hub. A slim 37 Volt Lithium-Manganese battery slides right into a compartment under the rear rack. From afar, the Styriette doesn't even look like an electric bike.

If I've learned one thing from working here, it is that anything made in Austria uses the highest quality components, and is by far superior to anything manufactured anywhere else in the world. When the BionX Styriette electric bike makes it to the states, you can be assured that NYCeWheels will be the most enthusiastic and patriotic dealer of these traditional bikes.

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