Sunlite TR1 Panniers
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Sunlite TR1 Panniers

Sunlite TR1 Panniers

Sunlite TR1 Panniers

Item # AC-BAG-Pannier-SunliteTR1
This item is discontinued.

Panniers are a must for commuting or touring. Load em up with everything you'll need for the workday, a camping trip, or a picnic. The Sunlite panniers attach to your rear rack with elastic cords.

Sunlite TR1 Panniers features:

  • 4 compartments and lots of storage space
  • Easy elastic cord straps to the rear rack
  • Carrying strap
  • Water resistant polyester

The Sunlite TR1 panniers are connected in the middle, and come with a carrying strap to make life easier when you take them off your bike. They're water-resistant, reflective, and can hold a lot of stuff. I mean a LOT of stuff.

Sunlite TR1 Panniers
Dimensions12" x 10" x 5"
Capacity7 gallons