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Tern Eclipse S11i - fully loaded folding bike


If you're looking for a luxurious folding bike with 24" wheels, tons of extras, and super comfort the Tern Eclipse S11i has everything you could want. Dynamo lighting, 11 speed internal hub, hydraulic disc brakes.... wow!

Want a cover bag too?

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If you've got the money to spend on a top performer, then look no further than the Tern Eclipse s11i folding bike. The bike is loaded with everything you'll ever need, making your commute to the office or around the lake an absolute breeze.

Built around Tern's N-Fold technology, the Tern Eclipse s11i rides smooth and steady on big 24" wheels, giving you a comfortable and fast ride wherever you're going. This folding bike handles like a dream on bike paths and city streets.

Features of the Tern Eclipse s11i

  • Shimano Alfine 11 hub - internal hub shifting
  • Biologic Joule Dynamo Hub - battery-free light system
  • Disc Brakes - sure stopping power in any conditions

Tern Eclipse S11i The Tern Eclipse s11i was made for the bike commuter who wants it all. It's loaded with everything you'll need to make getting to work a snap, and designed to run virtually maintenance free. It's fast, comfortable, and will give you thousands of miles of durable riding for years to come.

If you're already bike commuting week after week, but want something that's more comfortable and loaded with features, the Tern Eclipse s11i is the perfect bike for you. With the big wheels and variety of adjustable elements this could be the last bike you'll ever buy.

WHEEL SIZE:24 inch wheels
WEIGHT:14.7 kg
FOLDING SIZE:42 x 89 x 76 cm
GEAR INCHES:30 - 120
DISTANCE: SADDLE TO PEDAL:Min: 75,5 cm Max: 103 cm
FRAME:Eclipse, hydroformed 7005-AL w/ smooth TIG welding, patented OCL Joint and DoubleTruss technology
FORK:Aero, aluminum, 6061-AL
HANDLEPOST:Physis T-Bar, 2D forged aluminum, 4 patented technologies
STEM:Andros, 3Djust technology, Norglide bearings
HEADSET:Flux Pro, angular contact cartridge bearings, Tri-seal technology, machined aluminum cups
HANDLEBAR:Kinetix Pro, double-butted 7050-AL, for VRO
SADDLE:Kore Sola for Tern, hollow cro-mo rails
SEATPOST:Stasis by Syntace, 7050-AL
SEATPOST CLAMP:Syntace, stainless bushing
REAR BRAKE:Avid Elixir
FRONT HUB:BioLogic Joule HG, disc
REAR HUB:Shimano Alfine, 11-speed
SPOKES AND NIPPLES:Double-butted 18/10 stainless, Sapim Polyax nipples
RIMS:Kinetix Pro, niobium alloy, mirror finish
TIRES:Big Apple 50-507, 70 psi, RaceGuard puncture protection
SHIFTER(S):Shimano Alfine, 11 spd.
CASSETTE/FREEWHEEL:Shimano for hub gear
CHAIN:RustBlock, GST coated, 3/32
CHAINGUARD:BioLogic FreeDrive
KICKSTAND:Premium single, aluminum
CLIP SYSTEM:Magnetix 2.0
FRONT LIGHT:Valo, HiLux LED with StandLight
REAR LIGHT:Spanninga Premium, LED
FENDERS:SKS, stainless hardware
RACK(S):BioLogic Portage Racks

We don't have currently any specific accessories for this product listed, please refer to the parts and accessories section.
Tern folding bike reviews

It's always good to do research before buying a folding bike, especially if you don't have a chance to ride it before buying. The best way to get the real story on Tern folding bicycles is by reading this collection of reviews that we've gathered together.

This section covers everything from first impressions reviews of individual Tern bicycles to comparisons between several different models. Read up and learn the real story!

Tern reviews:

The Best Tern Verge X20 Review

The Verge X20 climbs and descends beautifully. Except for really fast paced or high mile road rides, I can't see missing my road bike. This is more than I ever expected from any commuter bike or, much less, a folding bike. This review covers everything from specs to ride quality. It really is the best Verge X20 review out there.

Jack's Tern Link P9 Review

Last week I borrowed my roommate's Tern Link P9 folding bike and joined him and his father for a 14 mile joy ride around the suburbs of Boston. My roommate, Anthony, and his father are both bike enthusiasts and at first I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the father son duo. I had never ridden a folding bike before and was thinking that it might be hard to keep up with a normal road bike, but... read Jack's Tern Link P9 Review for more.

Link D8 Review by Roberto

The Tern Link D8 is probably our most popular Tern folding bike. It has fenders and a rear rack so it's pretty well setup for every day riding. With puddles on the ground you can be assured your clothes will remain dry. The Link D8 is the least expensive Tern which still uses the high quality Tern Bike hinges.

Overview of Tern Link folding bikes!

With so many to choose from it can be difficult to figure out which Tern Link folding bike is for you. This line of Tern bikes is meant to be used for commuting, leisure rides, and generally casual riding. Reading this Link bike comparison by Seth Workheiser will help you decide which Tern Link is for you.

Tern folding bicycles on the market!

We asked Sam Joslin to write an industry insider review of the Tern Bicycle line, comparing it to Dahon Bicycles. What we got back was better than we could have hoped, a real objective look at the two companies and what makes a Tern bike different from a Dahon. If you're curious about the differences give this review a read to learn more.

First impressions Link P9 review

This first impressions review of the Tern Link P9 doesn't go into technical details, it's from the perspective of someone who's just encountered the folding bike. You'll find no technical references to OCL Joints or whatever (though another review might be good for that too!) - just an honest report of what the reviewer thought of when he wrote this Tern review.

Tern Eclipse S11i vs Pacific Cycles IF Mode comparison review

It's hard not to get excited about the IF Mode.

When Peter asked me to compare the Tern Eclipse S11i and the Pacific Cycles IF Mode, I must admit I was a little nonplussed. One is a fully-loaded luxury commuter packed with convenient features to make long urban rides a breeze; the other a futuristic head-turner with innovative and even experimental touches that make it hard to classify. But for their many differences, these bikes actually have a surprising amount in common--both are built around folding frames manufactured by some of the best brands in the business, both are designed for use in an urban setting, and both feature high end components with price tags to match. So you have some money to throw around, you know you want a folding bike, and you know you will be biking around the city...which bike is for you? Hopefully by comparing some of the key aspects of each,Cruising the streets on the Eclipse S11i. we can find an answer.

Let's start with perhaps the most immediate and practical distinction between the two--gears. The Eclipse S11i has eleven gears while the IF Mode sports a mere two. Essentially, the more gears you have, the more varied terrain and weight loads your bike can tackle, so on the face of it, the Eclipse has the solidly upper hand in this regard. However, gearing also has a lot to do with riding style. Single speeds and fixies are popular with riders who don't mind working a little harder to accelerate from a standstill or get up a hill, but find themselves cruising in one gear most of the time. If this describes you, the IF Mode's two gears might be an ideal choice--one gear is pretty low, and is to be used to accelerate and climb hills, while the other is pretty high, for cruising at top speeds. I found that I didn't really need much more than these two gears to get around New York City, and I greatly enjoyed using the Mode's unique spur-like bottom bracket-mounted shifters. That being said, I was still able to get around faster using the Eclipse's more traditional gear range.

The IF Mode's brilliant folding design makes for a slim profile

As folding bikes, both models have slightly smaller wheels than traditional road bikes, with the Eclipse S11i's 24-inch wheels making it a bit shorter when folded than the IF Mode with its mountain bike-standard 26-inch wheels. However, the folding game is where the IF Mode really excels, as its clever design and folding pedals affords the bike a much slimmer profile than Tern's bike, as well as the ability to be rolled along the ground using a handle that is cleverly built into the frame.

When it comes to accessories and conveniences, however, the Eclipse S11i really shines. This makes sense, given that the IF Mode is designed as a stripped-down minimalist marvel. With a rear rack, integrated dynamo lighting, innovative chain guard, ergonomic grips, and slick 11-speed internal hub, the Eclipse simply has everything when it comes to frills. It makes for a fulfilling ride that never leaves you wanting. The IF Mode features none of these amenities--futuristic beauty aside, it is really just a pair of wheels and gears that folds down really well.

The Eclipse S11i comes fully loaded with an 11-speed internal hub and disc brakes

If you are looking for a folding distance commuter that makes riding comfortable, safe, easy and fun, you cannot go wrong with the Tern Eclipse S11i. It is certainly a beautiful and practical bike. But for the design buff, who wants something new in their biking experience, who wants an ultra-portable bike that travels well on the subway, and--let's face it--wants a little extra attention, the IF Mode is a drool-worthy package. As one customer recently put it, "It's like something out of a James Bond movie."

So, do you want useful and luxurious, or striking and Bond-worthy? Make your choice and order the Tern Eclipse S11i or Pacific Cycles IF Mode (or both, for the indecisive!) today!

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