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Tern Eclipse X20 - Fastest folding bike on the market


The Eclipse X20 is equipped nicer than many racing bicycles and will offer you smooth shifting, an incredibly regular bicycle feeling (thanks to the larger 24 inch wheels) and the extreme portability of it's small and quick folding mechanism.

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You'll be blown away by the speed of the Eclipse X20. Tern pulled all the stops to offer you the most high performance, responsive, and exhilarating ride they could. There are really too many awesome parts on this bike to list, that's what the specifications are for, but take it from the experts - the Eclipse X20 is built to leave other bicycles in the dust!

 Features of the Tern Eclipse X20:

  • The ultimate performance setup - road racing quality components
  • You'll leave road bikers in the dust
  • Despite the larger wheels this bike still folds up nice and small

Tern Eclipse X20The 24 inch wheels on the Eclipse X20 are larger than the 20 inch wheels on other performance folding bikes. This gives them a speed edge - especially when you look at the low spoke count wheels that are super light and aerodynamic.

When you buy an Eclipse X20 you'll get the ultimate portable speed bike. It will make biking for exercise a blast - not to mention portable and convenient.

  • Eclipse X20
  • Compact fold
  • Super light hubs
  • FSA performance crank
  • SRAM Force derailleur
  • Luggage truss compatible
  • Kore performance saddle
  • Removable pedals
  • Easy to store or transport
  • Beautiful details
  • 10 speed rear
  • Ergonomic grips
  • Hinges fold flat
Eclipse X201 Compact fold2 Super light hubs3 FSA performance crank4 SRAM Force derailleur5 Luggage truss compatible6 Kore performance saddle7 Removable pedals8 Easy to store or transport9 Beautiful details10 10 speed rear11 Ergonomic grips12 Hinges fold flat13
DISTANCE: SADDLE TO PEDALMin: 770 mm Max: 1040 mm
FOLDED SIZE42 x 89 x 76 cm
WEIGHT10.7 kg ( 23.6lb)
SUGGESTED RIDER HEIGHT148 cm - 195 cm (4.10 - 6.4)
MAX RIDER WEIGHT115 kg (254 lbs)
FRAMEEclipse, hydroformed 7005-AL, patented OCL Joint and DoubleTruss technology
FORKAero, aluminium, 6061-AL
HANDLEPOSTPhysis T bar, 3D forged aluminum, 4 patented technologies, non adjustable
HANDLEBARKinetix Pro, double-butted 7050-AL for VRO
HANDLEBAR StemSyntace VRO, long
HEADSETFlux Pro,angular contact bearings, Tri-seal technology, machined aluminum cups
GRIPSErgon GS2,Leichtbau
SADDLEKore Road Performance for Tern, hollow crmo rails
SEAT POSTStasis by Syntace, 33.9mm Oversized
SEAT CLAMPQR Stasis by Syntace, stainless bushing
front BRAKEKinetix Pro Ashima Aero, cnc brakeshoes
BRAKE LEVERsAvid Speed Dial 7
FRONT HUBKinetix Pro American Classic 58 grams, 74 mm OLD, Q/R's
REAR HUBLinetix Pro American Classic Cartridge bearings 205 gram ultralight
SPOKESSapim CX Wing, Sapim Polyax brass nippels
RIMSKinetix Pro,alloy, mirror finish polished
TIRESSchwalbe Kojak 40-507, Kevlar bead foldable,RaceGuard puncture protection, 85 psi
SHIFTERSram SL700 flatbar trigger, 2x10
CRANKSETFSA Gossamer COmpac, 50/34 t, BB386 oversized alloy axle
PEDALSMKS ezy, alloy
CLIP SYSTEMMagnetix 2.0
Luggage SocketYes
rear LIGHTBiologic

We don't have currently any specific accessories for this product listed, please refer to the parts and accessories section.
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The Verge X20 climbs and descends beautifully. Except for really fast paced or high mile road rides, I can't see missing my road bike. This is more than I ever expected from any commuter bike or, much less, a folding bike. This review covers everything from specs to ride quality. It really is the best Verge X20 review out there.

Jack's Tern Link P9 Review

Last week I borrowed my roommate's Tern Link P9 folding bike and joined him and his father for a 14 mile joy ride around the suburbs of Boston. My roommate, Anthony, and his father are both bike enthusiasts and at first I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the father son duo. I had never ridden a folding bike before and was thinking that it might be hard to keep up with a normal road bike, but... read Jack's Tern Link P9 Review for more.

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The Tern Link D8 is probably our most popular Tern folding bike. It has fenders and a rear rack so it's pretty well setup for every day riding. With puddles on the ground you can be assured your clothes will remain dry. The Link D8 is the least expensive Tern which still uses the high quality Tern Bike hinges.

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First impressions Link P9 review

This first impressions review of the Tern Link P9 doesn't go into technical details, it's from the perspective of someone who's just encountered the folding bike. You'll find no technical references to OCL Joints or whatever (though another review might be good for that too!) - just an honest report of what the reviewer thought of when he wrote this Tern review.

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