Tern Link P9 - the fast commuter bicycle by Tern folding bikes
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Tern Link P9 - fast folding bike

Tern Link P9 - fast folding bike

Tern Link P9 - fast folding bike

This bike is no longer available. For a great alternative, check out the lighter, more versatile Verge P9.

The Tern Link P9 is a great example of the excellent quality product produced by the Tern Bike team. Aside from the beautiful design, ergonomically designed hinges, and high quality frames that all Tern bikes are known for, the Link P9 features a smooth shifting 9 speed drive train, fast Schwalbe Supreme tires, and a super smooth ride thanks to its precise manufacturing.

Tern Link P9 Features:
  • Fast and puncture resistant Schwalbe Supreme tires
  • 9 speeds - good for hills and speed
  • Ergonomically shaped hinges
  • Unfolds in 10 seconds!

The Link P9 is an amazingly smooth ride. We were very impressed when this bike first rolled into our shop. One thing that makes this, and many Tern bikes, such a nice ride is the single piece stem which doesn't flex or turn when you are riding. The construction of the frame is a testament to the high level of manufacturing coming out of the bicycle industry in Taiwan. This lends the Tern an easy riding, confident feeling that you just don't get with lower quality folding bicycles.

Tern bike videoThe Tern Link P9 is designed to be the everyday commuter bike that doubles as a weekend joy ride. It is equally at home blazing down open stretches of road or folded in the trunk of your car.

All that makes the Link P9 one of the most popular Tern bikes on the market.

DISTANCE: SADDLE TO PEDALMin: 700 mm Max: 960 mm
FOLDED SIZE38 x 79 x 72 cm
WEIGHT11.5 kg
FRAMELink, 6061-AL, patented OCL joint and DoubleTruss technology
FORKintegrated Aluminium
HANDLEPOSTPhysis QR, 2D forged aluminum, 4 patented technologies
STEMAndros, 3Djust technology, Norglide bearings
HANDLEBARFlat bar, double butted, 6061-AL
HEADSETFlux, cartridge bearings, Tri-seal technology
GRIPSBioLogic ARX with T tool
SADDLEBiologic Impel
SEAT POSTSyntace, forged clamp
SEAT CLAMP QRSyntace, stainless bushing
BRAKESKinetix SpeedStop V-brakes, Ashima noodle, stainless hardware
BRAKE LEVERBioLogic Chime, integrated bell
BRAKE CABLES & HOUSINGLiveWire 7.0, anti-compression housing, slick cables, DuPont L3 lubricant, alloy ferrules
FRONT HUB74 mm, Kinetix Neutron, cartridge bearings,QR
REAR HUBKinetix Comp, ground races, 9 speed Cassette QR
SPOKESStainless steel, brass nipples
RIMSKinetix Comp by WTB, doublewall, CNC sidewalls, powder finish
TIRESSchwalbe Marathon Supreme, 20in, RaceGuard puncture protection
SHIFTERSRAM Attack custom for Tern, 9 spd.
FreewheelSunrace 11 - 32 t
SHIFTER CABLELiveWire 7.0, sealed anti-compression housing w/ DuPont L3 lubricant
CRANKSETKinetix Supra, forged 6061 cranks, 6061 chainring, CNC chainguard
BOTTOM BRACKETCartridge sealed
CHAINTaya Nove, 9 spd
PEDALSAlloy folding, non-slip
KICKSTANDPremium Aluminum
CLIP SYSTEMMagnetix 2.0
Tern Bicycles Accessories

Your Tern folding bike is more than just a way of getting around, it's a whole way of living. There are many things that can make that life easier and more fun - especially if you ride a lot. Whether you need to travel with your Tern Bicycle or just store it while at work Tern accessories can help you out.

Tern Bicycles Accessories
Tern folding bike reviews

It's always good to do research before buying a folding bike, especially if you don't have a chance to ride it before buying. The best way to get the real story on Tern folding bicycles is by reading this collection of reviews that we've gathered together.

This section covers everything from first impressions reviews of individual Tern bicycles to comparisons between several different models. Read up and learn the real story!

Tern reviews:

The Best Tern Verge X20 Review

The Verge X20 climbs and descends beautifully. Except for really fast paced or high mile road rides, I can't see missing my road bike. This is more than I ever expected from any commuter bike or, much less, a folding bike. This review covers everything from specs to ride quality. It really is the best Verge X20 review out there.

Jack's Tern Link P9 Review

Last week I borrowed my roommate's Tern Link P9 folding bike and joined him and his father for a 14 mile joy ride around the suburbs of Boston. My roommate, Anthony, and his father are both bike enthusiasts and at first I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the father son duo. I had never ridden a folding bike before and was thinking that it might be hard to keep up with a normal road bike, but... read Jack's Tern Link P9 Review for more.

Link D8 Review by Roberto

The Tern Link D8 is probably our most popular Tern folding bike. It has fenders and a rear rack so it's pretty well setup for every day riding. With puddles on the ground you can be assured your clothes will remain dry. The Link D8 is the least expensive Tern which still uses the high quality Tern Bike hinges.

Overview of Tern Link folding bikes!

With so many to choose from it can be difficult to figure out which Tern Link folding bike is for you. This line of Tern bikes is meant to be used for commuting, leisure rides, and generally casual riding. Reading this Link bike comparison by Seth Workheiser will help you decide which Tern Link is for you.

Tern folding bicycles on the market!

We asked Sam Joslin to write an industry insider review of the Tern Bicycle line, comparing it to Dahon Bicycles. What we got back was better than we could have hoped, a real objective look at the two companies and what makes a Tern bike different from a Dahon. If you're curious about the differences give this review a read to learn more.

First impressions Link P9 review

This first impressions review of the Tern Link P9 doesn't go into technical details, it's from the perspective of someone who's just encountered the folding bike. You'll find no technical references to OCL Joints or whatever (though another review might be good for that too!) - just an honest report of what the reviewer thought of when he wrote this Tern review.

Tern Link P9 folding bike review

Tern Link P9 on the streetSometimes it seems like folding bikes get lumped into one of two categories--there are bikes that are made to tackle utilitarian projects like hauling cargo and handling slow, short commutes over craggy city streets, and there are bikes designed to fly down a neatly curated track with reckless abandon at well over 30 miles per hour.

Well the Link P9 folding bike from Tern deftly disproves that false dichotomy by showing that a durable, straightforward bike can also be refreshingly light, extremely quick, and still be able to take a pounding from inhospitable city streets. Before and after spending 20 miles on the Link P9, I rode two high end folding bikes designed as lean, mean speed machines. These elite racers came with a much bigger price tag than the Tern, but I still came away with the impression of the P9 folder as being on a par with them.

Beautiful bike, easy fold

My love affair with this bike starts with its sleek, sloping frame and ink-black paint job, which is accentuated with striking scarlet details. The aesthetic effect is that the bike is capable of being either subtle and stealthy, folded in the corner of a room, or awe-inspiring as it speeds down a thoroughfare.

As a folding bike, the Link P9 is built to Tern's exacting standards, meaning that is one of the quickest, most fool-proof, easy to learn folds in the shop. The main frame joint is reinforced with a super-strong weld, but unlike some folding bikes, the hinge does not leave an ugly, lumpy bulge to mar the bike's silhouette; rather, the curve of the weld waxes and wanes organically with the frame. Likewise, the hinge in Tern's patented Physis Tern Link P9 rocks in New York Cityhandlepost is an extremely stiff and durable piece of technology that is unobtrusive enough to go unnoticed until it is needed. Tern's proprietary "N-fold" technology lives up to its reputation both in speed and simplicity--the Link P9 folds down in about 5 seconds, to an impressively slim 25-pound package.

Simple, high speed ride

The Tern Link P9 continues to impress once you hop onto the saddle. It features burly Marathon Supreme tires that are substantially fatter than a standard road racing slick would be, but thin enough to keep contact area at a minimum, allowing for very little drag. The result is a bike that can burn through the proverbial Main Street or pick its way through a bumpy back-alley with equal comfort. Though this is not a bike outfitted with parts from the legendary brands, I found that by and large, the components on the Link P9 more than held their own. The single grip shift on the right side of the handlebar was easy to use, and the brake levers responded with a reassuring quickness. I also liked the single chainring setup, which seemed like a perfect marriage of simplicity and function.

Tern Link P9, a lightweight folding bikeFinally, although this is a no-frills kind of bike, Tern did manage to pack in a couple of smart extra features. I found the lightweight kickstand, which blends into the chainstay until needed, to be extremely handy, and a cleverly designed hex wrench stows away inside one of the handles. The frame also incorporates attachment points for fenders, rear rack, front luggage truss, and a water-bottle cage, so it would be easy to convert the Link P9 to a utility bike with just a few additions.

As someone who loves getting around wherever I happen to be by bike, and as a rider who loves to ride fast, I found the Tern Link P9 folding bike to be a pretty ideal bike. The fact that it can manage urban streets with speed and grace, while keeping its design and operation simple, make it a perfect fit for anyone wanting to get around their city fast.

If you are looking for a simple, lightweight, speedy folding bike designed to take on everything a city can throw at it, go order the Tern Link P9 today!

About the Author

Miles Schneider is a folding and electric bike specialist at NYCeWheels in New York City. He plays the 6-string electric violin and loves dogs.