Tidalforce M-750 review by Art Weiss NYCeWheels.com

Tidalforce M-750 review by Art Weiss

Tidalforce M750 electric bike

I have owned the TidalForce M-750 electric bike for about two months and I have nothing but raves for it. It is outstanding, both as a bike and as electric transportation. The frame is by Montague [choice of 18" or 20" frame], is extremely strong, and folds for storage or shipping [an air flight case is promised]. The 21 speeds shift smoothly and move the bike along very quickly in spite of its 64-pound weight; the brakes are very effective. The gel seat is very cool and streamlined, but I swapped it for a Cloud 9 seat that is considerably more comfortable for cruising. The tires have a smooth center for road riding, with a 'grippy' pattern off center for off-road riding. There is also a thorn-protection layer inside the tires to help prevent punctures.

The electric components are also installed very neatly with cable ties, Velcro wraps, and all open ends have caps to seal them shut. There are two access points to the electric: both are of the twist-lock type. The input on the front wheel is to charge the battery; the input on the rear wheel is for computer access to the control system. The handlebar has an attractive [or formidable array] of equipment: the thumb throttle [right side], the computer control area, and a CatEye multifunction computer [odometer, trip length, speed, trip time, etc.

The bike was assembled by NYCeWheels, and functioned flawlessly with the exception of the battery recharge function [when the battery is at less than full, use of the left handbrake automatically recharges the battery]. A call to TidalForce diagnosed a faulty switch, and a replacement was shipped to NYCeWheels and repaired within 24 hours [Bert offered to do the replacement himself, rather than ship the bike back to Virginia.

Use of the bike is transparent: if any electric power is desired, turn the key in the computer, select battery A or B [battery B is an accessory yet to come], and after a brief computer check, you're ready to go. You may use either all-electric, all manual, or any amount of either in combination [my favorite]. The motor is direct drive from the rear wheel hub and is completely silent and very powerful. Power is either in normal mode or turbo [which cuts distance per battery charge but gives powerful acceleration when desired]]. Use of the left handbrake disconnects power to the motor, and recharges the battery. The 5-LED readout shows the amount of charge remaining, and a blue light indicates recharge from the handbrake.

The CatEye is a great help in checking trip details. It also shows the speed is limited electronically to 20 MPH [if using the electric while zooming down a hill, the electronic drag can be felt holding the speed to 20]. A speed upgrade to 30 MPH is promised for early Summer; till then, just release the throttle and let the bike fly on its own!

The 750 comes with no fenders, light or horn; accessories are promised within the month, and a second battery and speed upgrade in the early Summer; Bert helped me select some aftermarket accessories, as well as two Abus locks. Not only are the locks built like a bank safe; they come with a really cool quick-release frame mount.

Overall impressions: I use it for exercise in pedal mode, for business appointments in electric mode [by the way, there is a cruise control!], and in combination mode when I get fatigued pedaling, or when pedaling up a steep hill, or to add a burst of power to my pedaling to get me out of a hairy traffic situation. I frequently commute from 240th St in Riverdale to the Upper West Side, and in half the time it takes on the #1 train. I have yet to completely drain the battery due to my electric plus pedal approach; a battery depleted to about 40% capacity [2 out of 5 LEDs remain lighted] takes about two hours to recharge.

I can't use enough superlatives about this bike: it is fun, it is exciting, it is legal [as opposed to most electric scooters]. It is beautifully styled - looking like a really sophisticated high-tech machine [my neighbor described it as a Maserati], and it's a great conversation starter whenever you stop for a light or a break on a park bench. It is also pricey, but, in my opinion, worth every penny. I can't imagine a better way to spend your exercise-recreation dollars. Get one! Life is short!

Art Weiss

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