Forman Wavecrest (Powered) Electric bike

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Forman Wavecrest (Powered) Electric bike

I did the camera bike job yesterday using the Panasonic 24P "Toy" Cam
The bike did well on the Voloci 12.6 ah NMiH batteries lasting about a half of day or about 10 -12 miles, more than enough for most production situations. When the batteries are fully charged the acceleration is good.
Continuous usage is OK
Toward the end of the cycle I got about a half of mile at low power and pedaling and got back to the location before the batteries were exhausted.
With a heavier camera such as the Sony F900 HDCAM or an Arriflex 35MM I would expect the bike to loose another 10% in range. THe 750 watt motor is OK considering range but the 1000 Watt motor would help even more with loads when I build another bike.

Total weight of bike: 65lbs.
Battery weight: 20lbs.
Rider weight is: 230lbs
Camera and grip gear yesterday: 10lbs.
Total yesterday was: 325lbs.
If a full size camera was used add 20-30 lbs.

Thanks Bert,

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