Forman Wavecrest (Powered) Electric bike
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Forman Wavecrest (Powered) Electric bike

Forman Wavecrest (Powered) Electric bikeI did the camera bike job yesterday using the Panasonic 24P "Toy" Cam
The bike did well on the Voloci 12.6 ah NMiH batteries lasting about a half of day or about 10 -12 miles, more than enough for most production situations. When the batteries are fully charged the acceleration is good.
Continuous usage is OK
Toward the end of the cycle I got about a half of mile at low power and pedaling and got back to the location before the batteries were exhausted.
With a heavier camera such as the Sony F900 HDCAM or an Arriflex 35MM I would expect the bike to loose another 10% in range. THe 750 watt motor is OK considering range but the 1000 Watt motor would help even more with loads when I build another bike.

Total weight of bike: 65lbs.
Battery weight: 20lbs.
Rider weight is: 230lbs
Camera and grip gear yesterday: 10lbs.
Total yesterday was: 325lbs.
If a full size camera was used add 20-30 lbs.

Thanks Bert,

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