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WaveCrest Labs(www.wavecrestlabs.com) is not your traditional scooter or electric bike company. We have developed a breakthrough electric propulsion system. The WaveCrest Adaptive Motor® system transforms electrical energy into mechanical motion, and vice versa, with exceptional power and efficiency. This system has the potential to launch a new generation of vehicles with superior operating characteristics that were never before possible. WaveCrest's Adaptive Motor® system is both an evolution and a revolution. Bicycle, motorcycle, motor scooter, ATV and maritime applications provide evolutionary, yet dramatic, improvements. The motor boosts power and increases efficiency without requiring redesign. Our launch application, electric bicycles are used by the military, law enforcement and security. We are now introducing The WaveCrest Tidal Force and iO bikes to retail and the consumer. The WaveCrest bikes are completely silent: no belts, no noisy chains. We use a brushless DC direct drive powered by a 36 volt NiMH system. The Tidal Force (www.tidalforce.com) M-750 and iO bikes have a 20 mile range and have a limited top speed of 20 mph. The bikes can be used as power on demand or power assist: giving you even greater ranges. So if you're a commuter and don't want to build up a sweat getting to work - go power on demand. If you like to get some exercise but no longer can pedal like Lance Armstrong - go power assist mode. The Tidal Force M-750 and iO bikes are electric bikes and do not require registration.