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Xooter Scooter

Sometimes, phonetics and spelling do not necessarily go hand in hand. This is the case with our Xootr kick scooter. Pronounced "Zooter," we often find many people searching for Xooter scooters, Xooter kick scooters, or Xooter push scooters. You're really close, but just drop the "e" and you've got it right.

No matter how you spell it, the Xooter scooters are the top of the line urban commuters. They're built tough, and will withstand the abusive roads of a city. The wheels have sealed bearings, so you don't have to worry about dirt getting inside. There is also a front brake on every Xooter scooter, so you'll have better stopping power.

There are five different models of Xooter kick scooters, and we have them available for test rides at our Manhattan store. If you want the best commuter scooter for city riding, the Xooter scooter is the way to go.