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Xootr Street Kick Scooter: A Beast on Two Wheels

Xootr Street close-up It's been confirmed that Xootr makes the best kick scooters for adults. They're fast, durable, and virtually indestructible. For commuting, there's not a lot of other scooters that can even compete. Xootr kick scooters will handle city streets with ease and last for years before they need to be serviced. Here in Manhattan, we sell hoards of these scooters to commuters with no subway stops within a five block radius. The Xootr scooters are the best was to travel to and from the train, the bus, or even into New Jersey in some cases.

So, out of all of the choices for Xootr scooter decks, what makes the heavy-duty Xootr Street kick scooter the best of the bunch? Like all of the other Xootr kick scooters, the Xootr Street has polyurethane wheels with sealed bearings, which give it a smooth, fast ride. It also has adjustable handlebars, a front handbrake, and an easy steering radius. All of these aspects make the Xootr kick scooters unique. The thing that sets apart the Xootr Street is its bulletproof aluminum deck.

Xootr Street: A CNC-Machined Deck

CNC-Machined A block of 6061-T6 aluminum is cut with a CNC machine to fabricate the deck of the Xootr Street kick scooter. That's right - the entire deck is one solid piece of metal. All of the other Xootr kick scooters are bolted together with pieces of aluminum, magnesium, or wood, depending on the model. Not the Street. It's practically bulletproof, and the CNC traces are even visible on the underside of the board. It's the most durable kick scooter manufactured by Xootr.

The Xootr Street is designed for people who are worried about the strength of the deck. It's made for people who have worn out their old kick scooter from too much abuse. This kick scooter eats other kick scooters for breakfast. It's like that pickup truck that can carry six I-beams. As far as aluminum kick scooters go, the Xootr Street is the best.

Accessorize the Xootr Street

Yes, there are many ways to bring a bit of flair to the rough and tough edges of the Xootr Street kick scooter. The most popular add-on is the fender-brake. Positioned above the rear wheel, the plastic fender acts as a guard against wet weather conditions, so your pants stay dry on a romp through the rain. The metal shoe underneath acts as a secondary brake, for when the front handbrake isn't enough. This rear brake is a great downhill brake, because it's a slower skid stop. Besides, two brakes are better than one.

Carrying this beast can be a chore without the carrying strap. This installs on the front handlebar, and when the Xootr Street is folded, it can be slung over the shoulder like an aluminum backpack. If you've been skidding through mud and dirt, and the Street is covered in muck, there's a convenient carrying bag made by Xootr that can harness this beast and keep it subdued until the next outing on the roads.

Need a kick scooter that can take a daily beating? Here it is - the Xootr Street kick scooter for adults.

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