2012 Electric Bikes Worldwide Report on NYCeWheels NYCeWheels.com

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2012 Electric Bikes Worldwide Report on NYCeWheels

2012 was marked by strong sales for NYC electric bicycle dealer NYCeWheels. Up more than 50% again in 2012, they found steady sales of electric bicycles to be the norm. Last year's strong sellers continued to lead with the primary players remaining the Stromer, eBrompton, and BionX. Our customers mainly look for high end product and not much interest in older ebike designs even if price is much lower. That was of course great for us and at times we could hardly keep up with the demand we faced. It's a fantastic challenge to grapple with.

NYCeWheels has always tried to carry the best product available at any given time. This year we found a large boost in sales of our newer high end items. Electric bicycles which were $1000 more expensive than others were selling far better. We believe these electric bicycles sold better because they offered a significantly more elegant solution with nice designs, good components, and a manufacturer with a clearly visible and exciting online presence.

NYCeWheels' Electric Bike Customers

Our customer base this year broke down into 3 primary categories: commuters, leisure riders, and older bikers. Each customer might belong to one or all of these groups and was often very excited about their purchase as the solution to one or more dilemma in their life. We found that top quality, well supported products put our customers at ease, satisfied that their needs would be met without compromise. As a result many were more comfortable springing for more expensive electric bikes.

Commuters - This is probably the primary category of electric bicycle riders. There are various reasons for purchasing an electric bicycle. Some of the most popular were saving on gas, saving on public transit, or cruising into work without sweating. Some customers simply had extreme 40 mile round trip daily commutes they wanted to tackle on a bicycle. Whatever the reason was we were most often successful when offering a top end solution that met or exceeded their needs.

Leisure riders - It's everywhere in electric bike marketing. A cruise around a beach, a ride through town, an easy tour of the neighborhood... These are all reason people bought electric bicycles from us and they are certainly side benefits of those who purchased them for other reasons. Because we sell primarily pedal assist electric bicycles we attracted a crowd who loves bicycles and cycling but also just wants a bit of an easier time of it.

Older bike riders - Many of our customers told us how they used to bike a lot when they were younger and now find themselves getting tired more easily, having pain in their knees, or just feeling exhausted after a short ride. For these riders we most often suggest BionX motor kits because they usually had an old bicycle they could retrofit with a motor and save a bit of money. With these folks, it's not that money was an issue, it just made more sense for them to keep their old tried and true bicycle and install a motor on it. Often these riders have the same ambitions of long bicycle rides as when they were younger but lack the strength to follow through. A BionX motor or another electric bicycle solution allows these customers to have fun like they used to.

All in all NYCeWheels has been enjoying a great success with electric bicycles in 2012 and we're looking forward to another great year in 2013.