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3 Folding Bike Commuting Strategies

So you're thinking about getting a folding bike and you want to know if you can combine it with your daily commute? Great, there are lots of different ways to combine riding a folding bicycle with commuting, especially if you have a commute involving public transportation. In this article we're going to go over a few of the tried and true strategies of folding bike commuting and figure out whether or not you can use them.

3 Folding bicycle strategies that work

Let's start off by looking at the most common ways to combine folding bicycles and commuting. many people who own a folding bike are city dwellers. The lack of space and abundance of public transportation make owning a folding bike in the city an ideal model. So how do public transit riders combine a folding bike with their commute? Three ways:

  1. The half-and-half... Many people who work in white collar jobs need to arrive with that white collar looking fresh and crisp or they're in for some double takes and snickers. That's why so many people will go half-and-half on their commute by taking public transit, a subway or bus, into work and then riding their folding bike home. That way they get to work looking fresh and get a nice ride in on the way home. It's a great way to blow off steam and stay in shape when you don't have time for the gym.

  2. The combo-deal... In a life of long commutes it can seem like you spend more time sitting down than exercising. How can you wake up stuck in traffic or packed like a sardine in a subway car? Combo-deal folding bikers mix up their commute with a bike ride somewhere along the way. Whether they are driving to a parking garage and then riding the rest of the way in or riding from home to the subway or train station, these folding bike commuters are masters at the combination strategy.

  3. The in-and-out... This is a variation on the combo deal where another form of transportation is sandwiched between two folding bike rides. The in and out is perfect for commuters that have long train rides between destinations. They simply ride as far as they want down the line, hop on the train, and when they are close enough to keep riding they deboard and get back on their folding bike. Hour long train rides daily can be more than monotonous, they can be depressing. So in-and-outers change things up and use the train to move their bicycle commute over long distances.

Getting a folding bike on your commute

So what folding bike commuting strategy is right for you? Well it depends on how you're commuting now and if it fits in. One of these strategies may work for you or you may have a unique situation that doesn't allow you to use any of these, but the idea of combining folding bikes and other forms of commuting remains the same.

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