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3 Ways To Save Money With A Folding Bike

How can a folding bike save you money? It's simple, once you buy it, it's free! For commuters in the city, there is no option more practical. Most people think cars are the way to go. Forget it! Who wants spend a small fortune at gas stations every few days? Then there's the parking fees. Whether you go to a garage or are lucky enough to find a meter, you'll still be forking out extra dough just to leave your car unattended all day. Folding bikes are the ideal vehicle for urban commuters. But hey, let's talk about the cash, right?

1. Folding bikes run on your energy

Let your eyes move away from the screen for a moment and look down. The most obvious way a folding bike saves you money is right beneath you. Your legs! A folding bicycle is powered by you, and you are powered by the food you eat. You have to eat anyway, so why not put all that energy you're taking in to good use? It just goes to waste if you don't. Commuting on a folding bike will save you hundreds of dollars in gas over just a few weeks. As an extra benefit, the exercise you get will have you looking great and feeling great, so you can save on that gym membership too!

2. Locked or folded, parking a folding bike is still free

Forget about long lines to get into a garage, monthly parking fees, and that extra walk to work. Eliminate the hassle and the cost with a folding bicycle. What could be easier than riding up to your office, folding your bike, and carrying it right into the building with you? Just slide it under your desk or into a closet, and there it rests securely until it's time to go home. Parking costs add up fast, but not when you're commuting on a folding bike.

3. A quality folding bike is nearly maintenance free

Oil changes, new belts, new brakes... the list goes on. There is almost no end to the repairs that crop up as a car owner. My dad would say that it's all part of the joy of car ownership. But why bother owning a car if your only going a few miles every day? The best folding bike like the Brompton is superbly made, and will last a life time. You only have to tune a folding bike up every year or two, and you might get a flat along the way, but other than that a quality folding bike will get you from A to B with little trouble. The cost of keeping a folding bike in good working order is minimal when compared to a car.

So, let's review. The 3 ways to save money with a folding bike are:

  • 1. No gas! You power it for free (you have to eat anyways, right?)
  • 2. Park it or store it for no extra cost
  • 3. Quality folding bikes are easy to maintain

With all the money you save commuting on a folding bike, why not take a nice vacation to the Bahamas? Or, you could buy that really cool thing you've always wanted. You know the one I mean right? Folding bikes are really the most cost effective way to get around in the city. Take a look at our quality selection of folding bikes today. Saving money with a folding bike is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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