Five Reasons To Consider a BionX Electric Bike Kit

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Five Reasons To Consider a BionX Electric Bike Kit

Adding a BionX electric bike kit to a pre-existing bicycle is a hard decision. Often people will ask us if it's a good idea, or if they'd be better off buying an electric bike that's pre-built. We want to make your decision easier, so we've compiled five reasons why a BionX bike kit really stands out against the other options.

1. I Really Really Like My Bike

Sometimes, it's really difficult to separate a bike from its rider. Even some of the most enthusiastic electric bike customers hate to stop riding the bike they currently own. It just fits perfectly. With a BionX electric bike kit, you keep your beloved frame, handlebars, gears, seat, etc. The bike just gets electrified.

Of course, you want to be sure you have a good quality bike to install a BionX bike kit on. Adding a motor and battery is about 18 lbs, so a cheap bike is not going to cut it. There are only a few cases where a BionX electric bike kit is not a good idea. When you bring in that $15 bike you got at a yard sale, we won't put a BionX bike kit on it. Trust me, you're going to want to install an electric bike kit on something good.

2. BionX Bike Kits Keep it a Bike

It's an electric bike, not a motorcycle! With a BionX electric bike kit, you still have to pedal your bike. You can change the level of assistance you get from the motor, but it's meant to aid a rider, not replace him. Because of this, the batteries tend to last a lot longer, and it's much safer. If you're looking for an electric bike that you don't need to pedal, and it will go 40 mph, go for a Vespa.

BionX bike kits are also super lightweight. They add only 18 lbs to a bicycle, which makes it the lightest electric bike kit available! You're not struggling to lift it up, put it on a bike rack, or take it up some stairs. Granted, it's not as light as a road bike, but it's still MUCH easier than some other electric bikes we've seen!

3. Thumb Throttles Push BionX Ahead of Other Electric Bike Kits

I know, there's a lot of people out there that read the pedal-activated point above and moaned in disapproval. This one is for you. The thumb throttle applies FULL power whenever the BionX electric system is turned on and the bike is in motion. No, you cannot just push this from a standstill and go full speed. There is a built-in safety that prevents the throttle from working at speeds under 2 mph. I mean, come on. Are you really THAT lazy?

The best part about the BionX electric bike kit is the ability to get a little more power on hills, or to scoot around taxis and buses in the city. The throttle is great for quick bursts of speed, but it's not going to be your primary mode of operation. The thing is just too darn fast. Although if you have a long stretch of open road, it's a lot of fun.

4. BionX Electric Bikes Regenerate Power!

Every time you hit the brakes on a BionX electric bike, you add a little bit of life back to the battery. In stop-and-go city riding, this means you're charging the battery almost as much as you're using assistance. In the country, a long downhill ride will charge the battery the entire way.

That's not all - the BionX bike kit also works like an exercise bike. You can set it to stay in regeneration mode. There are four levels, similar to assist mode, that work against your pedaling. These modes will steadily charge your battery, although it's going to be a bit more work to ride the bike.

Most electric bikes will travel about 20 miles on a single battery charge, but with the ability to regenerate, the BionX electric bike kit can go up to 40 miles.

5. Lithium Batteries are the Best

Although this one is kind of glaringly obvious, there is a good reason why Lithium batteries are used in the BionX electric motor kit, instead of other types of cells. About ten years ago, most electric bike kits were equipped with Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries. This is the same battery used in a car or a lawnmower. They are very heavy, and can only power a bike for about 5 miles. Recently, the developments with Lithium meant electric bike kits could be made with half the weight and triple the range. You can expect at least 15 miles on a single charge, and the systems are significantly lighter.

Taking this all into consideration, it's easy to see why so many people install the BionX electric bike kit on their own bikes. It's also adaptable to less traditional designs like tricycles, recumbents, and tandem bikes. With customizable motor speeds and different styles of battery mounts, BionX allows you to cater the electric motor kit to fit your needs.

Check out the different models of BionX electric motor kits in our stock. If you're unsure if a BionX kit will fit your bike, contact our staff at NYCeWheels and we can double check for you.