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A portable bicycle can be taken anywhere. A portable bike is a realistic bike.

A portable bike is often your only option

"What new bike technologies can we expect to see in the near future? What is left to improve upon?" The answer is portability. A portable bike is the new bike. Portable bikes are the next step in bike evolution. Every day we see new technologies aiming to improve our lives in minor ways. Some are meant to shave minutes off of our daily tasks, others are meant to facilitate and streamline our daily routines. Some do absolutely nothing but look neat on our desks or on our home entertainment systems. Any technology that is meant to be taken with you throughout the hustle and bustle of your day needs to be efficient and portable. For this reason, cell phones get smaller and smaller. So do iPods and other media players. What if the new technology is your method of commuting? What if it's a bicycle? In order to fit it into your day without requiring you to shape your day around it, you would need a compact bike. You would need a portable bike. A portable bike is something special, in that it can easily be transported and stored when not in use. You don't need to shape your day, activities, or space around a portable bike, a portable bike allows you to integrate it into your life, greatly assisting your routine and not disrupting it. The ability to do this is unique to a portable bike, whereas a standard bicycle is much larger and much more bulky, creating many limitations for you.

What are my options in the way of portable bikes?

Portable bikes come in many forms. A portable bicycle might be a small-framed bike like a BMX bike. The portable bicycles that truly earn the 'portable' in their names, however, are folding bikes. A fold-up bike is a portable bike through and through. They are specifically built for their portability. They range from moderately portable (see the IF Reach DC and Xootr Swift Folder, perfect for storage in the apartment, office, or the trunk of your car) to extremely portable (see the Brompton, which is so portable that it can be taken absolutely anywhere, like a brief case or a larger hand bag.) Portable bicycles are attractive to all riders, and as such you'll find them in a variety of styles. For example, the IF Reach electric bike is both an electric bike and a folding bike. It gives the best of all worlds: foldability, electric assistance, and portability.

Where standard bikes are often left on the wayside because many people find that they can't efficiently integrate them into their lives, portable bikes can only facilitate your life. Whether the portable bike is a folding bike or the portable bike is an electric bike, the bottom line is that all of your needs will be met. Portable bikes are perfect for crowded urban areas like New York and California. Even if you live in Florida and have plenty of garage space, that doesn't mean your office building will allow you to take in anything but a portable bicycle. Portable bicycles are where it's at. The bike of the future is the portable bike.

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