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A2B electric bike

If you're looking for a stylish, intelligently designed electric bike, take a look at the A2B electric bike from NYCEWheels. Designed in Berlin, this electric bike exhibits close attention to detail and a smart and sensible design, including a battery inside its robust frame. With its full suspension and wide tires, the A2B bike delivers a smooth and comfortable ride as well. You can even add a second battery to increase range to 40 miles per charge.

Since 2008, A2B have been engineering the most beautifully designed electric bikes on the road-and they've become pretty good at it. Each bike is the result of the brilliant artists at their Berlin design center, putting incredible attention to detail in each and every A2B model available-and it shows.

A2B have set out to challenge everything we thought of the typical electric bike: instead providing a work of art with the battery inside the frame. These are some of the best riding bicycles with robust frames and a whole line of features. These bikes are some of the coolest bikes we have, and you'll be the only person in your town to have one.

But that doesn't mean you'll be left in the dark should you need any parts! You can view our entire line of A2B parts available for purchase online here, and you can check out Ultra Motors incredible warranty here!