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About us

NYCeWheels specializes in alternative transportation. That means folding bikes, electric bikes, and kick scooters. You will enjoy gliding from point A to B in new ways, using means that are environmentally friendly, healthy, efficient, and affordable. Electric and folding bikes, motorized and kick scooters can expand your mobility and save time and money. Where storage space, portability, steep inclines and distance were once discouraging factors, our innovative and proven products open up new possibilities for getting around.

Try a folding bike, electric bike, or kick scooter for yourself!

We invite you to transform the way you move around and perhaps in the process also transform yourself and the lives and communities around you.

Over the years NYCeWheels has become as a leader in alternative transportation specializing in portable, healthy and fun products. We began with just electric scooters and now have expanded our stock to a large selection of unique electric and human powered bikes, folding bikes and kick scooters.

We only carry a selection of the best products available

We carry high quality products, which have been thoroughly tested and carefully selected by the NYCeWheels staff. We strive to continuously learn what is reliable, practical, and effective for commuters and recreational riders alike. Whether you'll be traveling through bustling city streets, sprawling suburbs or rural areas, we may have the product for you.

NYCeWheels' customers have found that folding bikes, kick scooters, electric scooters and electric bicycles are viable forms of transportation.

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NYCeWheels exhibits in green and mainstream transportation festivals throughout the Northeast and is an active member of Transportation Alternatives and The National Bike Dealers Association. We participate in many local and regional rides and events, and ride what we sell.

We envision a bright future through alternative transportation, particularly in dense urban centers. Improved air quality, reduced traffic, easier parking and improved personal health and enjoyment will be some of numerous benefits.