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Horns and Bells

One of the great things about bikes, whether electric or standard pedal versions, is that they're so quiet. You can glide along making hardly a sound. Unfortunately, that's also an inherent problem for bikes, including electric bikes. They're so quiet that few pedestrians, motorists or other bikers will hear you when you're approaching. Pedestrians will walk out in front of you; drivers will open their doors into your path or pull out in front of you.

That's why NYCeWheels recommends that all bikers equip their bikes with a horn or bell. Unlike in a car or truck, a horn isn't simply a way to vent frustration and road rage at other drivers. A bike horn or bell will warn pedestrians, bikers and motorists that you're approaching them. This simple safety device can save you and your bike from accidents and costly repairs as well as personal injury and medical bills.

At NYCeWheels, we stock a large inventory of bike horns and bells, ranging from the old fashioned and inexpensive to the high tech and the just plain fun. Take a look at our bells and horns and if you don't have one, get one. It may be the best investment you ever make in your bike or scooter.

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Spurcycle Bell
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Knog Oi Bell