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BionX | 48V Battery Charger - English - BionX
BionX | 48V Battery Charger
This is the standard 48 volt charger for Bionx 48 volt batteries. This charger works with all 48 volt Bionx batteries and includes a US power plug cable.
Bionx 48v Batteries - English - BionX
Bionx 48v Batteries
BionX 48V Lithium battery (Original BionX replacement part) This 48V BionX battery comes with a full warranty (details below) when installed and used properly. Do not attempt to use this 48V BionX battery with any other electric bike..
From $449.99
Bionx Bluetooth Module (optional powerpack available) - English -
Bionx Bluetooth Module (optional powerpack..
The Bluetooth Module is an easy to use plugin that can work with the RC3 controller. This will enable your Bionx kit to communicate with your cellphone, and make use of all the amazing features on the Bionx app!
From $175.00
Bionx RC3 Controller - English -
Bionx RC3 Controller
The new RC3 controller is a great upgrade to simplify your ride. Gives you all the needed information, such as power level and battery life, and allows for more space on your handlebars for other accessories.
Bionx Light Set - English -
Bionx Light Set
No need to worry about charging and recharging your lights for night riding. Now you have a nice, easy to use, light set that plugs right into the accessory port of your Bionx battery bracket! Comes with front and rear lights (may effect..
Bionx DS3 Display - English -
Bionx DS3 Display
Color display to go with your RC3 controller! Comes standard on DV battery kits, but if you have a smaller battery kit, you can get this as an add on! A great option to get some more feedback from your ride.