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Brompton Carry Handle by Off Yer Bike - English - Off Yer Bike
Brompton Carry Handle by Off Yer Bike
These carrying handles from Off Yer Bike offer an easy to grip way of carrying your bike! Rather than picking it up from the seat, you carry your bike from a sturdy rubberized handle attached directly to the frame. You can also carry the..
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NOV Chainstay Guard - English - NOV Designs
NOV Chainstay Guard
After years of unfolding and folding the paint on my Brompton - right where the little front wheel hook touches it when folded - has become worn. I put this chainstay guard over the scratches to cover them up and protect the frame. You..
MiniMods X-Roller EZ Extender - English - Bike Gang
MiniMods X-Roller EZ Extender
Want your bike to roll smooth without having a rack? This is the best tool to do it! The EZ Extender comes in black and silver, and extends the range of the rear rolling frame to help better balance the bike. No more wobbly Brompton! Do..
Brompton 2 speed Shifter Mod Kit - English - Bike Gang
Brompton 2 speed Shifter Mod Kit
Want a cool new way to shift gears on your 2 or 6 speed? This mod kit comes with the parts you need to mod your shifter for a sleek new look. It not only looks good, but performs even better! It is actually a suspension lock for mountain..
NOV Easy Wheels - English - NOV Designs
NOV Easy Wheels
NOV Designs easy wheels are machined from solid metal and designed to save weight and look great at the same time!
MiniMODs EZ wheels, Alloy 5 spoke design. - English - Bike Gang
MiniMODs EZ wheels, Alloy 5 spoke design.
High quality Easy Wheels for your Brompton. Both stylish and functional! These wheels will fit on all H&H titanium racks, which have 6mm bolts.
NOV E-Type Hook Adapter (Super Short Only) - English - NOV Designs
NOV E-Type Hook Adapter (Super Short Only)
If you are out to replace every part on your Brompton with something lighter, you'll love these titanium hooks from NOV. They're light, classy, and have have that alluring Titanium finish. Mmmm?.
NOV E-type Hook Adapter - English - NOV Designs
NOV E-type Hook Adapter
When using a NOV E-hook instead of the plastic Brompton E-hook, it's a good idea to get one of these adapters as well. It will allow the bicycle to sit up properly when folded, rather than slouching over to one side.
NOV Hinge Clamp Levers - English - NOV Designs
NOV Hinge Clamp Levers
NOV Designs hingle clamp levers add a minimal and techy look to the Brompton. You can even adjust them depending on whether you want an equal lenght on both sides of the bolt or not! They come in a variety of materials and colors and work..
NOV Stopdisk - English - NOV Designs
NOV Stopdisk
"What's a stop disk?" You ask. Well, fold your bike up and I'll show you. See how when you pick the Brompton up by the seat the seat post touches a little plastic disc that's attached to the rear frame right by the rear brake? That little..
NOV Eazy Wheel bolts for R-type - Pair - English - NOV Designs
NOV Eazy Wheel bolts for R-type - Pair
NOV Designs easy wheels work great on both fender and rack setups! If you're attaching eazy wheels to your rear rack, you'll need this pair of bolts to affix the wheels.
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