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Brompfication Rear Frame Clip - English - Brompfication
Brompfication Rear Frame Clip
From Brompfication's website: Brompfication's Rear Frame Clip in polished stainless steel replaces one more piece of plastic on your Brompton. The set consist of 1 Rear Frame Clip, 1 spring in stainless steel, 1 aluminium barrel spacer..
Brompfication Hinge Clamp Set of 2 - English - Brompfication
Brompfication Hinge Clamp Set of 2
From Brompfication's website: {usiq-image "image-1" "Brompton hinge clamp" "150" " "right" "}If you are tired of fiddling with the hinge clamp plates every time you fold your Brompton, then the solution is here. Brompfications Hinge Clamp..
Brompfication Ti Handlebar - S bikes - English - Brompfication
Brompfication Ti Handlebar - S bikes
We laughed a bit when we got our first titanium bar. It's actually a little heavier that Brompton's aluminum bar. But after we got over that, we still put it on the bike. You see, it's just so cool the way the titanium finish matches the..
Brompfication Eazy Wheels - English - Brompfication
Brompfication Eazy Wheels
I put eazy wheels on my bike because I wanted something slicker, something more polished, something not plastic. You see, I love the way my Brompton looks and I wanted something just a little cleaner than the plastic wheels. The originals..
Brompfication Chain Tensioner - English - Brompfication
Brompfication Chain Tensioner
The Brompfication chain tensioner is one of my favorite mods. The precise, machined, angular look of the tensioner speaks volumes of how it performs. Click, shift, click shift. That performance is pretty awesome. Plus - the looks!..
Brompfication Axle nuts - English - Brompfication
Brompfication Axle nuts
Axle nuts are definitely one of the last things I would mod about my Brompton. Then again, when you want something "nice nice" you have to stick with the details. This is definitely a detail but on the other hand, it definitely makes a..