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NOV 2sp Axle Washers - English - NOV Designs
NOV 2sp Axle Washers
p>This set of washers for 2 speed Bromptons is really pretty impressive looking. All it all, they round out the high end look you get when installing a custom chain tensioner. When you want to really do it right, you can't help but desire..
NOV E-Disk - English - NOV Designs
NOV E-Disk
We always thought a bit of carbon could be used in place of the little metal disc found attached to the front fork on Bromptons with out fenders. And then, NOV made one. Care to tune you bike with a high tech carbon style? This is the way..
NOV Easy Wheel Mount for L-Type - English - NOV Designs
NOV Easy Wheel Mount for L-Type
We were so excited to see this little bit of customization. With this NOV Designs piece you can replace the little wheel on the rear fender of L-type Bromptons with 2 eazy wheels! Now your Brompton rolls and folds with the same ease as an..
NOV Frame Clip - English - NOV Designs
NOV Frame Clip
Whether you have a NOV seat clamp or the stock part, this frame clip is a neat way to spruce up the look of your Brompton. The wire frame design is strong, light, and shiny. You'll love the lightweight appearance it gives your bike, and..
NOV Front Hub Washers - English - NOV Designs
NOV Front Hub Washers
These are simple enough - teeny tiny super light washers for the front wheel axle of your Brompton. They'll shave precious grams from your bike and are to be used with extreme caution - for once you start down this road, there's no..
NOV Front Wheel Quick Release - English - NOV Designs
NOV Front Wheel Quick Release
Now you can change a flat with just a tire lever and pump - no 15 mm wrench required! Designed with function and style in equal parts, these NOV quick release skewers look great and save you time fiddling with tools. Note that you need a..
NOV Gear Adapter Bolt - English - NOV Designs
NOV Gear Adapter Bolt
It's a curious little object. We didn't really know what it was for. Then one day we were trying to fit a mountain bike suspension lockout to a Brompton as a 2 speed shifter and - eureka! It's a way to secure a derailleur cable at the..
NOV Handlebar Catch - English - NOV Designs
NOV Handlebar Catch
We never would have expected this. Replace the handlebar catch? But, it's a perfect design? and then, NOV Design wow'd us again. We love the light weight and minimal look of this titanium wire handlebar catch. It's so simple. Look at it!..
NOV Front Light Adapter - English - NOV Designs
NOV Front Light Adapter
Having a light nice and low to the ground is cool but sometimes people tell me they would rather not have the weight and resistance from a dynamo light set. This light adapter replaces the reflector bracket attached to the front fork and..
NOV Pedal Holder for MKS - English - NOV Designs
NOV Pedal Holder for MKS
This MKS pedal holder is just what Dr.Brommie ordered. This handy little guy will hold one of your pedals when removed from the bike, keeping you organized and collected.
NOV Racing Shock - English - NOV Designs
NOV Racing Shock
NOTE: Mounting bolt is not included Suspension is great, except when you're out to burn rubber. Then it sort of saps up your leg power and makes the Brompton bounce with each pedal stroke. These Racing Shocks from NOV Designs answer the..
NOV Chain Tensioner - English - NOV Designs
NOV Chain Tensioner
NOV really knocked it out of the park with this one. This chain tensioner is THE reason we started carrying NOV Design products. Honestly, just look at it. Is there anything cooler you can put on your Brompton (aside from your cute little..
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