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Brompton Folding Bike Bags, Cases, and Covers

If you need a Brompton bag, a Brompton case or a Brompton cover, take a look at the collection of Brompton bike bags, cases and covers at NYCeWheels. Some of our bags, cases and covers will let you carry your Brompton folding bicycle with ease and style when it's folded up, while others are designed to be used on your Brompton in its unfolded position to help you carry your stuff around while you're riding.

Our bike bags for Bromptons include messenger-style bags that you can put over your shoulder to transport loads of gear as well as transport bags to carry your folded Brompton on buses and for use in other places where space is at a premium or you want to keep a low profile.

If you're looking for a bike case, NYCeWheels has high-quality, hard-shell bike cases that are perfect for transporting your Brompton folding bike and protecting it from damage. Our bike covers include covers made to protect your Brompton bike from the elements, whether inside or outdoors, as well as to keep it hidden from prying eyes.

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