Aluminum Push Scooter

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Aluminum Push Scooter

The kick scooter is a simple, yet very efficient machine. Two wheels, a deck, and a set of handlebars - what could possibly make one brand different than another? Since push scooters are one of the most popular forms of urban commuting, they should be durable, lightweight, and easy to carry. So which brand has all three aspects?

Aluminum Kick Scooters

While some scooter decks are made of wood or plastic, a metal deck is much more durable and can carry much more weight for the serious commuter. The Razor scooter has a durable aluminum board, and is very popular with kids because of its durability. Now, a kid can beat up a scooter pretty badly, but does it compare to the beating a push scooter takes when ridden ten miles a day on a city street?

Micro Kick Scooters

Micro adult kick scooter are one of the finest kick scooters available. Micro scooters have the largest wheels size of all compacts, making it fast, safe and comfortable. Micro offers 2 adult kick scooters, the Micro White scooter and the Micro Black scooter, both identical except for the color.

Xootr Kick Scooters

For the adult commuter, the best suited push scooter is the Xootr Kick Scooter. With bigger wheels, sealed bearings, and a front hand brake, this is the fastest and most durable ride for the city. Xootr even makes different models of aluminum push scooters for different types of riders.

Xootr Roma

The first aluminum push scooter is the Xootr Roma, with a thin board similar to the Razor. Built for speed and durability, the Roma suits both experienced riders and beginners looking for something smaller. The slim board means this is the most compact model available. At 9.4 lbs, this is also the lightest!

Xootr Venus

A step up from the Roma is the Xootr Venus. With a wider platform around each wheel, you have a little bit more room to put both feet down on this model. The slim center ensures the board won't be too bulky when carrying it with the Xootr Carrying Strap.

Xootr Street

An example of pure strength and durability, the finely crafted Xootr Street is the strongest aluminum kick scooter available. The machined aluminum is virtually bulletproof, and can support almost any amount of weight. For a daily commuter that wants the absolute best quality, the Xootr Street will hold up to even the worst roads and severe riding conditions.

Commuting is rough, and no one wants to worry about the durability of their vehicle in the middle of a city street. Aluminum kick scooters can take the hard knocks of a daily commute without sacrificing your safety. Not to mention they're tons of fun to ride.