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Electric bike articles & reviews

NYCEWheels doesn't just sell and fix electric bikes. We spend much of our time testing electric bikes, scooters, folding bikes and more, and we let you know how our tests went in our articles summarizing these tests. On our website, you can find numerous articles reporting our verdicts on our road tests of real bikes in everyday conditions. You can also find much more information on how to get the most out of your electric bike.

We're pretty lucky here at NYCeWheels. We get to test out electric bikes, folding bikes and kick scooters all day long. I know, dream job right? It wouldn't be fair if we got to keep all of these experiences to ourselves, so we developed the articles section to explain some of the latest cutting-edge aspects of our bikes and scooters. Want to know how a brushless hub motor works? Wondering about the difference between electric bike batteries? Want to know the correct pronunciation of ""Dahon""? You've come to the right place.