Folding bike articles

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Folding bike articles

Folding bikes are a marvelous invention, whether you like to travel or simply have a cramped space where every square inch counts. At NYCEWheels, we have numerous folding bike articles to help you get the most out of these ingenious machines. Whether you're interested in a Trek folding bike, a Brompton cover bag, folding bike safety or just folding bicycle articles in general, you'll find plenty of interesting articles on bicycles here that will boost your knowledge.

Folding bicycles. One of the fastest growing trends in urban areas are compact bicycles that fold. There's Brompton folding bikes, Dahon folding bikes, Birdy folding bikes, and even more unique bikes like the Strida and the IF Mode. What happened over the last few decades that transformed folding bicycles from a small-wheeled joke to a popular commuter vehicle?

In some of our folding bike articles, we'll look into why more people are riding folding bikes. We'll explore some folding bicycle technology. Better hinges, better frames, better foldability. We'll also look into the history of some of the more popular folding bike brands to understand how they came be so reliable.