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Electric scooter articles

Few vehicles can beat an electric scooter when it comes to getting around town quickly, effortlessly and cheaply. Electric scooters are quieter and cheaper than even their nearest competitors, gasoline scooters.� At NYCEWheels, we fully appreciate the fun and basic utility of electric scooters, and we provide electric scooter articles to help you get the most out of these motorized scooters. Check our scooter articles for tips on what and where to buy and how to enjoy these quiet, efficient and fun machines.

Electric scooters are some of the most fun you can have on two wheels. Few things compare to zipping around the park, or bypassing the dark subway trains for a quick jaunt down Fifth Avenue on an electric scooter.

We'll often get calls inquiring why an electric scooter is better than a gas scooter. Simply put: an electric scooter is clean, quiet, and cheaper in the long run because you don't have to keep buying gas. In the electric scooter articles below, you'll learn a bit more about the motors, batteries, and designs of some of the most popular electric scooters.