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Electric bikes are a relatively new type of bicycle and there are often many questions that come to mind when first learning about them.
Unlike other online shops, we fully tune your bike before packaging it up and shipping it out. All bikes will have their brakes and gears adjusted for smooth shifting and precise stopping. We’ll also make sure all pivot points are properly lubricated, and all bolts are tightened so the bike is safe to ride.
Nycewheels offers repairs for all standard electric bike and electric scooter models as well as folding bikes.
Folding bikes have been around a lot longer than you might think. The idea of the folding bike was even around before the invention of the "safety" bicycle. These early folding bikes came in many different shapes and sizes as their designers struggled to create the perfect machine. This ideal folding bicycle, which would have to be lightweight, compact, and easy to ride, eluded many of the best designers and engineers. The evolution of folding bike technology came in spurts. Gradually, as the most successful designs were copied and improved, the folding bicycle found its way into the modern day.
The truth about folding bike addiction was too compelling to keep secret for long. In a recent government study spearheaded by the FDA, DEA, and TSA it was proven that people who purchase folding bikes become quickly addicted to them. The addiction leads to a vicious cycle of folding, unfolding, and going for a nice ride around town. Indeed, the sad cases in this study were unable to stop riding their folding bikes because, as they said, "It's just too much fun to stop." As a responsible bicycle dealer NYCeWheels feels it is only fair to warn you before you come into the store about the dangers of folding bike addiction. Please use caution when experimenting with folding bikes as it may lead to incurable folding bike addiction.
Barbara Roberts rides daily from Tarrytown to her Midtown office by train, but now uses her electric bike to get to the train station from her home. There's always a parking space for her bike, and she hardly ever uses a car anymore.
Delivery guys everywhere are riding electric delivery bikes. With more energy and faster delivery times, why bother with a bicycle that doesn't have an electric motor? These are some of our toughest electric delivery bicycles.
The M-Type represents the traditional Brompton handlebars. It's the most comfortable, offers a semi-upright riding position, and it's the style that fits the most riders best. As such, this is our best selling Brompton handlebar style.
Who would benefit from having Eazy Wheels on their Brompton folding bike? What the heck are Brompton Eazy Wheels? When do they come in handy? Where do they attach to the Brompton folding bike? Why would anyone want Eazy Wheels on their Brompton anyway? Well, this article has all the answers. These fantastic wheels are a great addition to any Brompton folding bike. Read on to find out who, what, when, where, and why.
It took Andrew Ritchey several years to finish his initial Brompton folding bike design, and since then he and his staff of world class engineers have been refining their product to address every possible use and need. So what exactly are the innovations that have allowed it to remain on top as the best folding bike in the world? This article on Brompton folding bike innovations goes into detail on just that subject. Plus it has a cool video!
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