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Use these fun and simple tools to quickly create your own custom built Brompton folding bike. Whether you just want to explore the options or become a Brompton folding bike expert, our custom Brompton tools work for everyone. Skim through the options to get a sense of what you want and what you don't or drill down into 52 detailed videos on every choice you could make. Start building the folding bike of your dreams now!
Planning on bringing your folding bike along as airline cargo? More and more people are now traveling by plane from city to city, and a folding bike is the perfect way to get around an unfamiliar place. We have some recommendations on protection for your bike, so you don't arrive at your destination and end up with a damaged bike.
Folding bikes in New York City are on the rise. This increasingly popular mode of transportation owes much of its success to the city and it's progressive bicycle policies, but even more to the great improvements in folding bike design over the years, making high quality folding bikes readily available and affordable to the general public. Read on to glean the history of folding bikes in New York City.
It takes a bit of strategizing to be the ultimate folding bike commuter. Knowing how and where to use your folding bike can make all the difference between a easy trouble free commute and a difficult one. By using a few intelligent folding commuter bike strategies you can be well on your way to work with no trouble at all.
Owning an electric bike doesn't mean you have to be a fair weather biker, far from it. Modern electric bikes can be ridden in all kinds of weather conditions, including rain! If you really want, a few simple steps can ensure your on you way with no problems for years to come.
My first experience with electric bikes was in Bern, Switzerland. I'll never forget this amazing ride and how we would never have even thought to try it if it hadn't been for our electric bikes. That's one of the most exciting things about them, how they changed the way we thought about going for a bike ride. Instead of dreading tired and sore legs, burning lungs, and sweat soaked clothes we just thought, "Where should we go today?"
The Brompton P-Type handlebar is made for the rider that enjoys touring or riding very long distances. This handlebar offers two gripping positions, one up high and one down low, for a more relaxed or aggressive ride, as you call it. The brake levers are only available up top, so keep this in mind. We don't have many of the P-Type handlebar models, but you can get a bike with this style handlebar by ordering one through our custom Brompton builder.
The Brompton S-Type models are built for speed. They offer a lower, sportier straight handlebar, which makes for a more aggressive riding style with less wind resistance. If you're looking for a road bike type of ride, this is the way to go.
Brompton folding bikes are known to excel in both commuting and touring. This is in a large part due to their excellent luggage system and the wide selection of Brompton bags. Are you looking for a way to easily to carry stuff with you on your Brompton? Then read this article which takes a look at each of the Brompton bags and the luggage system as a whole.
How do you pick the right suspension block for your Brompton folding bike? It's easy! If you're under 190 go with the standard Brompton suspension block, if you're over 190 go with the firmer one. What if you're at 190 or close to the tipping point? Well, that's where preference steps in. In that case, read this article or watch to video to learn more about Brompton folding bike suspension.
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