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When searching for a folding bike, one will inherently search for the lightest folding bike. A folding bike's ease of use and transport when folded is always increased and improved upon when it is a lightweight folding bike. So what is the lightest folding bicycle? In this article we give you the run down on what's out there and what you can expect.
Bikes that fold are bikes that can be taken anywhere. A bike that folds can fold for storage, travel, and transport and be used throughout your day seamlessly. With a wide variety of models of bicycles that fold out there, there is always a bike for you.
Why don't you ride to work? Everyone has the same answers: I don't have a bike, I can't store a bike, I don't want to get my bike stolen. Well there is one solution and one solution only: Make your commute a folding bike commute. With a folding bike you don't have to worry about storage or theft because you can always take your folding bicycle inside with you. So stop making excuses and start your folding bike commute!
There are a few different options for electric bike and electric scooter batteries. They range in price from $50 to $500 and can weigh anywhere between 4 lbs. all the way up to 30 lbs. Which battery is the best electric bike battery? This article compares and contrasts some of the most popular batteries.
At NYCeWheels, we take pride in being the best electric bike shop. We believe electric bike dealers should be committed to providing their customers with excellent information and service. As such, we have made a point of learning everything there is to know about electric bikes. Don't bother with electric bike distributors who just want to make a sale. Whether you're just looking into electric bikes or are ready to buy, NYCeWheels is happy to help you with any questions or concerns.
Riding an electric bike every day to work can result in muscle strength and cardiovascular activity. Though an electric bicycle will help to keep some of the strain off of the rider, there are a few added benefits of riding an electric bike every day, instead of driving a car or taking the subway.
Some skeptics of our electric bikes challenged that it costs just as much to charge these bikes as it would cost to buy gasoline for a car. Absurd? Maybe, but we decided to present all of the calculations for the cost to charge an electric bike, in case you want to do it at home.
The L and T Type Brompton's share many of the same design features, but let you customize your bike with your choice of accesories. Both models have Brompton specific parts, like the brakes and alumnium chainrings, and both come standard with the folding pedal and front and rear fenders....
Brompton standard seat, brooks saddle, steel seat post, extended seat post, and titanium seat posts.
So you have long legs and you want a folding bike, huh? Well we've got three words for you: Brompton folding bike! The amazing design of these folding bikes incorporates several features which make them a great choice for riders of any height. Tall riders shouldn't settle for anything less than a Brompton folding bike. Why? Read on to find out!
Looking to get a bit more cargo capacity from your Brompton folding bike. If you have an R bike (that is one with a fenders and a rack) you can use the Brompton Rack Sack to expand your carrying ability in addition to the front luggage bags. The Rack Sack is easy to use and still allows you to fold up your Brompton.
You can put any saddle or seat on a Brompton folding bike, but which one? If you're custom building a Brompton you come up against three options: no seat, Brompton seat, and Brooks saddle. Which one is right for you is another thing. This article takes you into the world of Brompton folding bike seats and saddles to give you a sense of what to expect from each option.
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