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Electric bikes are a new concept to some, and everyone learns differently. Some like their information to be straightforward, some appreciate the aid of pictures and diagrams, and others yet learn best when ideas are conveyed through comparisons and metaphor. This article is for the latter group. By and large, learning through metaphor is a very effective method of grasping and retaining ideas. As such, we will discuss the electric bike through metaphors, for your enjoyment.
One of the biggest questions in our store is why? Why do people buy electric bikes? We've outlined 8 advantages electric bikes have over regular bikes. These are the biggest reasons people buy electric bicycles. If you still need convincing, come in and take one for a test ride!
Electric bicyclist and psychotherapist Carl Nassar forges the path to a lower energy lifestyle on a eZee Cadence electric bike. By parking his car and going electric with an eZee Cadence, this Colorado resident is reducing his emissions and increasing his happiness! Cyclists like Carl are changing our economy one small town at the time.
Electric bikes are heralded for their ability to improve and transform one's commute, health, and bank account. But what about being fun to ride? On the issue of fun factor, electric bicycles are one of the best. The fact of the matter is, electric bikes are a pleasure to ride. They are fast and powerful and can turn any bike ride into an amazing joy ride.
Electric bikes are meant to augment human power, not to replace it. Electric bikes make pedaling easier and your rides more efficient and enjoyable. An electric bike does not boast high top speeds, nor is it built to be an invincible workhorse. For some, electric bikes are perfect. For others, an electric bike might not be what you're looking for. It all depends on what your needs are.
Barbara Roberts rides daily from Tarrytown to her Midtown office by train, but now uses her electric bike to get to the train station from her home. There's always a parking space for her bike, and she hardly ever uses a car anymore.
Hub motor bicycles use an electric bike motor in either the from or rear wheel. This makes them much lighter and more efficient than older chain driven systems. The motor wheel can either have a freewheel with many gears attached or just a single speed. Either way hub motor bicycles have paved the way for a whole generation of low cost, high quality electric bicycles that are maintenance free and a lot of fun to ride.
Weight isn't everything with electric bikes, but it is an important consideration. For some a heavy electric bike is just as good because they'll never need to lift the bike. Some electric bikes need to be light enough to lift into the trunk of your car or up several flights of stairs. This article compares a few electric bikes with their weight and features.
Concerned that electric bikes can't go far enough for you? Wondering if there is any way to extend your battery range per charge? Well I'm not surprised, many people want to figure out the best way to get the most distance per charge. This article offers a few quick tips to help you do just that. Learn more about electric bike range anxiety.
Electric bicycles are used all over the worlds as energy efficient commuter vehicles. If you're curious about how to integrate an electric bicycle into your commute this article is for you. We've collected all the articles we've written about electric bike commuting and electric commuter bikes into one place. A sort of reference library for you to delve into in order to learn more about electric bike commuting.
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