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Use these fun and simple tools to quickly create your own custom built Brompton folding bike. Whether you just want to explore the options or become a Brompton folding bike expert, our custom Brompton tools work for everyone. Skim through the options to get a sense of what you want and what you don't or drill down into 52 detailed videos on every choice you could make. Start building the folding bike of your dreams now!
When searching for a folding bike, one will inherently search for the lightest folding bike. A folding bike's ease of use and transport when folded is always increased and improved upon when it is a lightweight folding bike. So what is the lightest folding bicycle? In this article we give you the run down on what's out there and what you can expect.
Bikes that fold are bikes that can be taken anywhere. A bike that folds can fold for storage, travel, and transport and be used throughout your day seamlessly. With a wide variety of models of bicycles that fold out there, there is always a bike for you.
Planning on bringing your folding bike along as airline cargo? More and more people are now traveling by plane from city to city, and a folding bike is the perfect way to get around an unfamiliar place. We have some recommendations on protection for your bike, so you don't arrive at your destination and end up with a damaged bike.
Folding bikes in New York City are on the rise. This increasingly popular mode of transportation owes much of its success to the city and it's progressive bicycle policies, but even more to the great improvements in folding bike design over the years, making high quality folding bikes readily available and affordable to the general public. Read on to glean the history of folding bikes in New York City.
It takes a bit of strategizing to be the ultimate folding bike commuter. Knowing how and where to use your folding bike can make all the difference between a easy trouble free commute and a difficult one. By using a few intelligent folding commuter bike strategies you can be well on your way to work with no trouble at all.
Why don't you ride to work? Everyone has the same answers: I don't have a bike, I can't store a bike, I don't want to get my bike stolen. Well there is one solution and one solution only: Make your commute a folding bike commute. With a folding bike you don't have to worry about storage or theft because you can always take your folding bicycle inside with you. So stop making excuses and start your folding bike commute!
The M-Type represents the traditional Brompton handlebars. It's the most comfortable, offers a semi-upright riding position, and it's the style that fits the most riders best. As such, this is our best selling Brompton handlebar style.
Brompton folding bike commuters deal with puddles, rain, and mud on a regular basis and need a bike that will keep them clean and dry. Leisure riders rarely ride in bad weather and want their Brompton folding bikes to be light and stylish. Bike tourists who ride Bromptons need to carry extra weight and have to be ready for any kind of weather. Luckily, Brompton has a version of their famously compact folding bike tailored to each crowd.
It's important to have the right Brompton folding bike gearing. The number and range of gears on your Brompton should match the terrain you'll be riding it on and your riding style. With these clear and simple explanations of the gearing options available on the Brompton folding bike anyone can make an informed decision about their Brompton folding bike gearing.
What lighting option do you want for you Brompton folding bike? Bike commuters have long recognized the value of good lighting but proper lighting is critical for all Brompton folding bike riders. You may think that lights are only for night time riding. In fact, front and rear lights are important safety features all the time. Lights will keep you safe in low light and darkness. Take a moment to read this article about Brompton folding bike lights.
Who would benefit from having Eazy Wheels on their Brompton folding bike? What the heck are Brompton Eazy Wheels? When do they come in handy? Where do they attach to the Brompton folding bike? Why would anyone want Eazy Wheels on their Brompton anyway? Well, this article has all the answers. These fantastic wheels are a great addition to any Brompton folding bike. Read on to find out who, what, when, where, and why.
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