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Do you find that you can't fit a standard bike into your daily routine, or that you need to shape your day around the bike? A portable bike reverses this dynamic. Portable bikes can be taken anywhere, allowing you to continue about your day like usual with all of the added transportation benefits of a bike. The most portable bike would be a folding bike: ownership of on of these will at best revolutionize your life and at worst make your daily routines easier. Portable bicycles are a win-win situation.
What are the advantages of a compact bike? Living in the city, there are many uses for a compact bicycle in terms of storage, portability, and commuting. Now there are no limits to where you can bring a bicycle!
Fold-up bikes continue to take the world by storm. As cities and towns grow and space becomes more and more of an issue, commuters need practical, efficient modes of transportation. The fold-up bike has risen out of all of the alternatives as one of the most reliable and useful options. A fold-up bicycle lets you seamlessly get from A to B, from B to C, to D, and back again. A fold-up bike can only improve your life.
The folding bike has gone from an alternative ride to a mainstream choice. These days almost everyone knows and loves folding bikes. So what exactly is a folding bike and what does it have to offer? All of your answers can be found here.
The Brompton P-Type handlebar is made for the rider that enjoys touring or riding very long distances. This handlebar offers two gripping positions, one up high and one down low, for a more relaxed or aggressive ride, as you call it. The brake levers are only available up top, so keep this in mind. We don't have many of the P-Type handlebar models, but you can get a bike with this style handlebar by ordering one through our custom Brompton builder.
The Brompton S-Type models are built for speed. They offer a lower, sportier straight handlebar, which makes for a more aggressive riding style with less wind resistance. If you're looking for a road bike type of ride, this is the way to go.
The L and T Type Brompton's share many of the same design features, but let you customize your bike with your choice of accesories. Both models have Brompton specific parts, like the brakes and alumnium chainrings, and both come standard with the folding pedal and front and rear fenders....
Brompton standard seat, brooks saddle, steel seat post, extended seat post, and titanium seat posts.
It took Andrew Ritchey several years to finish his initial Brompton folding bike design, and since then he and his staff of world class engineers have been refining their product to address every possible use and need. So what exactly are the innovations that have allowed it to remain on top as the best folding bike in the world? This article on Brompton folding bike innovations goes into detail on just that subject. Plus it has a cool video!
Brompton folding bikes are known to excel in both commuting and touring. This is in a large part due to their excellent luggage system and the wide selection of Brompton bags. Are you looking for a way to easily to carry stuff with you on your Brompton? Then read this article which takes a look at each of the Brompton bags and the luggage system as a whole.
How do you pick the right suspension block for your Brompton folding bike? It's easy! If you're under 190 go with the standard Brompton suspension block, if you're over 190 go with the firmer one. What if you're at 190 or close to the tipping point? Well, that's where preference steps in. In that case, read this article or watch to video to learn more about Brompton folding bike suspension.
Looking to get a bit more cargo capacity from your Brompton folding bike. If you have an R bike (that is one with a fenders and a rack) you can use the Brompton Rack Sack to expand your carrying ability in addition to the front luggage bags. The Rack Sack is easy to use and still allows you to fold up your Brompton.
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