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Brompton standard seat, brooks saddle, steel seat post, extended seat post, and titanium seat posts.
So you have long legs and you want a folding bike, huh? Well we've got three words for you: Brompton folding bike! The amazing design of these folding bikes incorporates several features which make them a great choice for riders of any height. Tall riders shouldn't settle for anything less than a Brompton folding bike. Why? Read on to find out!
Purpose built as a connective mode of transport for English rail and bus commuters, this folding commuter bike is designed with the needs of the everyday commuter in mind. Remaining true to this intent the Brompton folding commuter bike is well built and reliable. It can take a beating without needing constant attention and tune ups. It has all the features a commuter would find useful. As new folding bikes have entered the market over the years the Brompton folding commuter bike has continually risen to the top of the pack as the best folding commuter bike.
Aside from riding it, there are a number of ways to get your Brompton around town or around the world. Whether you're tucking your Brompton into the trunk of a car, carrying it onto an elevator, or riding up to the international departures gate at London airport, protecting your Brompton en route is crucial. Luckily the design team at Brompton is way ahead of you. With everything from saddle bags that double as bike covers to hard shelled flight cases, transporting the Brompton folding bike is a breeze.
Brompton folding bikes are normally made entirely of steel. This makes the frame relatively lightweight, mildly shock absorbing, and very durable. As a folding bike designed for commuting should be, right? For some people though, shaving off a few pounds will make the difference between a bike they'll ride everyday and a bike that sits in the hallway. For the weight conscious, a titanium Brompton is available.
We want to ensure that you know as much as possible about the Brompton folding bike so you can choose options that you'll be happy with. Picking the right tire is an important part of customizing your Brompton folding bike. The right Brompton folding bike tire should match your riding style and the terrain you'll be covering. It's easy to choose the right tire once you know a little bit about the options. This article has everything you need to know about Brompton folding bike tires in one place. Sweet!
Brompton folding bikes can have 3 different handlebar types. Picking the right Brompton folding bike handlebar is important to ensuring a good bike fit. This article will help you quickly narrow down your choices and guide you to the right handlebar for your riding style. Take a moment to read this article and learn a bit about Brompton folding bike handlebars.
There are few folding bikes which can match the Brompton. This compact folding bike somehow manages to fit a full sized feeling bike into a package little bigger than its 16 inch wheels. As with all folding bikes, the secret is in the design. Andrew Ritchey, the Brompton's creator, spent long years tweaking designs and struggling against a conservative British cycling industry to produce what was to become the worlds finest folding bike. But what is it in particular that makes a Brompton fold so compactly? Read on to find out.
You can put any saddle or seat on a Brompton folding bike, but which one? If you're custom building a Brompton you come up against three options: no seat, Brompton seat, and Brooks saddle. Which one is right for you is another thing. This article takes you into the world of Brompton folding bike seats and saddles to give you a sense of what to expect from each option.
When ordering a custom Brompton folding bike you need to choose the proper seat post. It's a fairly simple matter of looking at your height and considering the extra functionality offered some of the options. A telescopic seat post will allow taller riders to fully fold their Brompton bikes. A standard seat post will save weight and work for riders up to 5' 10". Read on to learn which Brompton folding bike seat post is right for you.
With a Brompton folding bike, you don't want to worry about being able to take it inside with you once its folded. That's why it's better to have a cover bag with you at all times. That way you know you'll always be able to fold up your Brompton and take it right with you. Better than a bike lock and easier to use.
Brompton folding bikes can come in so many different colors there is a combination to fit any personality. There are bright colors like Turkish Green and Hot Pink, subdued colors like Sage Green and Desert Sand, and classic refined colors like Claret and English Racing Green. What are your choices and how does the color selection work? That's what this short article and movie are all about. Take a quick look to learn more about the color choices available to you in this amazing folding bicycle.
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