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B&W Foldon Case (Hard Case for Brompton) (4 Reviews)


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Product information "B&W Foldon Case (Hard Case for Brompton)"

foldon case

  • bike case with ideal dimensions for Brompton Bikes 
  • super easy handling through a pull-out telescopic handle and high quality inline wheels 
  • surrounding aluminum frame with hems protection 
  • two lockable cliplocks
  • outward belt embedded in the case shell
  • can also be used as suitcase


Internal Dimensions: 24 x 24.6 x 9.4 inches
External Dimensions: 25.2 x 27.6 x 13 inches
Package Dimensions: 25.4 x 28 x 13.6 inches
Weight including packaging: 15.9 lb

The dimensions are length x width x height. The weight specied is for each product and does not include any additional inserts. Technical changes are subject to modifications without notice.

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Rating 4
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(4 Reviews)
4 Feb 2017

Hardcase for my Titanium Brompton

Hardcase completely protects my Brompton when travelling. Hardcase is ideal because most of the time the people handling your luggage in the airports just throw the luggage around and can damage the bicycle if it is not in this hardcase.

19 Sep 2016

Brompton Folding Bike Case

So the name is illusory; the case is not made or sold by Brompton. It's an aftermarket case, made with a hard plastic shell, that fits a Brompton. It's slightly larger than the cardboard box that your Brompton came in originally. I made 5 international plane trips, using my old Brompton cardboard box (lined with another old Brompton box, taped, and tied with rope so it could be picked up easily) before I bought this case. I could have made more, but the inconvenience of lugging around a "wheelie" (little folding dolly) pushed me over the edge. So $349 later (before shipping) it holds the bike nicely (although the non-folding pedal needs to be covered with padding because otherwise it will grind into and destroy the foam padding), is well padded, and is not extraordinarily heavy. There is room for the saddle and a few odds and ends (but not, I suspect, a helmet). Compared to the Bike Friday Samsonite case, the shell does not appear to be as rugged. Is it enough? I think so, but only time will ultimately tell.

9 Jan 2016

Perfect Carrier

Excellent protection, easy to handle even with other bags. Locks were useless because of TSA inspections. I bought the Samsonite strap with combo lock which has worked fine on several trips. Be careful with adding gear, spares, tools because the weight can easily exceed 50 lbs. This was exactly what I wanted and it works great, even if TSA has opened it several times,

9 Jan 2016

Needs more robust latching hardware

It's a tight squeeze, but the lack of space is probably good in that it keeps the bike from rattling around. The problem is that once you've put pressure on the lid to close it up, the little latching mechanism isn't quite up to the task of battening down the lid without a lot of finagling.


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