Benefits of Ordering Bicycles Online

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Benefits of Ordering Bicycles Online

When you shop at online bike stores, you may be wondering if would be better to just buy your bike at a local shop. But in most cases, it makes much more sense to buy a new bicycle online. In this guide, we'll walk you through the reasons buying a bike online is the smart choice.

If you look for a bike at a shop, you'll only see a small portion of what's really available. That means you could miss out on finding the perfect bike for your needs just because it's not available in the store. When you shop online, you can find just about every bike imaginable, making it easy to zero in on your ideal model. You'll be more likely to get all the features you want along with a design that makes you feel stylish.

Along with selection comes inventory. The various models and sizes of a bike might not all be available when you shop at a brick-and-mortar store. That's rarely the case with online orders.

Haibike Superrace Mountain Bike
Haibike Superrace Mountain Bike.
IF Mode Folding Bike
IF Mode Folding Bike.

Cost Advantages

For many buyers, cost is one of the biggest issues to consider. You might think that by buying your bike in person, you're saving on shipping, but actually you usually end up paying more even after shipping is factored in. Because a bike is a big purchase, many online shops don't charge for shipping. Meanwhile, at brick-and-mortar bike shops, a markup is added to help cover the cost of employing staff and paying for a physical space. Online buying is often called "direct buying" for a good reason - you're cutting out the middle man to buy straight from the source.

In addition to cutting out extra fees, you'll also get have more price points available to you when you shop online. While your local bike shop might only offer bikes in the $400 to $900 range, online stores can have bikes ranging from $100 to $5,000. With a bigger selection of models also comes a bigger selection of prices. Plus, you'll be able to compare prices from different sources with a few clicks of your mouse rather than by driving all over town.

Stromer ST1 Electric Bicycle
Stromer ST1 Electric Bicycle.

The Benefit of Customers Reviews

A huge benefit to shopping online is that you can read feedback from real users. Rather than relying on the word of an employee who only stands to make money off of you, you can read reviews from other cyclists to get the real deal about the models available for sale.

There's no question that online shopping wins out when it comes to convenience. You can shop at any time of the day or night, and you don't even need to get out of your pajamas! Best of all, you don't have to figure how you'll get your bike home from the store. Instead, it's conveniently shipped right to your front door.

Few people remain on the fence about whether you shop online after reading these tips. For the vast majority of cyclists, getting a bike online means saving money, wasting less time and getting a bike that's a perfect fit for their needs.

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