Bert Cebular, Founder

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Bert Cebular, Founder

At NYCEWheels, we love what we do. For instance, Bert Cebular, who founded NYCEWheels in 2001, learned to love electric bicycles and scooters traveling from jobsite to jobsite on a Zappy electric scooter as a contractor in New York City in the 1990s. Electric bikes and scooters offer an unbeatable combination of convenience and environmental friendliness - plus they're just plain fun. Bert and the staff at NYCEWheels want to help more people learn how these ecofriendly machines can bring about a healthy, sustainable future.

Bert Cebular is sole owner of NYCeWheels and a long time electric vehicle enthusiast. Bert is an Austrian cabinet maker who came to America in 1989. Within 3 years of being here and working for a contractor, Bert started his own business as a General Contractor called BATU. BATU was in the high end residential renovation business in Manhattan's Upper East Side. It was traveling from jobsite to jobsite in the late 90s that Bert became interested in the electric bicycle market. His ride of choice was a Zappy electric scooter.

"There was no better way to get back and forth from client meetings. No parking hassles, no tickets. I still love my first Zap."

-Bert Cebular.

So, in August of 2001 NYCeWheels was incorporated in the State of New York and opened its doors shortly after. It was a questionable time to open a new business what with the tragedy of September 11th and all. In fact, the grand opening party was first scheduled for September 22nd but was pushed up while the city caught its collective breath. A month later, the grand opening party was held and the doors were officially opened. Bert, a former General Contractor, is now interested in promoting electric powered personal transportation. Like so many of us in this industry, Bert believes that alternative transportation is the key to a healthy and sustainable future. Not to mention, cost effective, efficient and a ton of fun.