Best Electric Bike Kit for Commuting

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Best Electric Bike Kit for Commuting

Using an electric powered bicycle to get to and from work everyday is a perfectly viable solution in today's eco-friendly world. The average person travels less than two miles every day to work, and if this distance were traversed with an electric bike instead of a car, it would be clean, healthy, and fun! Instead of buying a brand new electric bike, a standard bicycle can be converted using an electric bike kit. This way, riders can keep their beloved bicycles and pick out the best electric bike kit for their style of riding.

For everyday commuters, selecting the best electric bike kit depends on their riding preference. Is it better to pedal along with the motor? Does a throttle-powered motor cause a person to sweat less? There are different factors to take into account when picking the best electric bike kit, so sufficient knowledge is necessary to differentiate each one.

The best Electric Bicycle Kits with throttle

Many of the best electric bike motor kits install very easily. A motor wheel is attached to a battery and controlled solely by a throttle. There's no pedaling required, and it's not very complicated to operate. This system works best for people that ride to work while wearing a suit and tie, and cannot show up dripping with sweat. Just pull the throttle and the bike takes off! Of course, this kind of system puts more strain on the battery because of the constant drain from the throttle, but if trips are kept to small distances, it can be a lot of fun!

One of the most popular and best quality electric bike kits with a throttle is the eZee Bike Conversion Kit, which can easily install into most bikes, trikes, and recumbents.

Pedal-Assist, the best Electric Bicycle Kits

More intelligent electric bike kits can actually sense the rider's pedal power and respond according to a percentage of the torque. For example, if the motor operates at 50% of the rider's power, then if the pedals are pressed harder, the motor puts out more power. If the rider lets off on the pedals, the motor power decreases. It's all proportional, and very, very efficient. Some of the best electric bicycle kits utilize these torque-sensitive systems to prolong battery life, maximize energy output, and keep the bicycle feeling the same as a bicycle, rather than a motorcycle.

The BionX electric motor kit is considered one of the best electric bicycle motor kits available, because of this torque-sensitive system. It also has the ability to recharge its battery during the ride, using a sensor built into the brakes. Combined with one of the longest lasting Lithium batteries available, it's no wonder BionX is often picked as the best electric bike motor kit for commuters.

The amount of various electric bike conversion kits out there makes it easy to select the best option for commuters, whether it is a throttle-powered ebike or a pedal-activated hybrid bicycle, there's a great electric bike motor kit for anyone.