The best electric bike kits out there

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The best electric bike kits out there

Electric bike kits have become very popular lately. There are two main advantages to installing an electric bike kit rather than buying an electric bike. First off, an electric bike kit lets you keep the bike you know and love. And second, most ready made electric bikes come in one size fits most, so if you aren't like most you might want to go with an add-on bike kit.

If you've decided to go down the road of installing an electric conversion kit on your bicycles, the next question is: What is the best electric bike kit?If your bike has a derailleur setup, like a 7, 8 or 9 speed, the amazing BionX kit is the best electric bike kit. If you have a modern bike, the BionX is the best electric bike kit for a few reasons.

The BionX is the best electric bike kit, because...

  • Its proportional torque sensor reads your mind and kicks in only as much as needed, no other electric bike kit offers this.
  • The Bionx has a super-lightweight design, with the best power to weight ratio of any electric bike kit.
  • Its battery is of amazing quality, we have BionX batteries that are almost 5 years old and are still running strong.
  • With a 2 year warranty, it is unmatched in the electric bike industry!
  • Because it is the best electric bike kit, it just puts a smile on your face!
  • It is beautifully and easily integrated into the design of most normal bikes, using top quality plugs and connectors.
  • The BionX is the most efficient electric bike kit on the market. This means it has the greatest miles per charge to power ratio.

Is there anything we don't love about the BionX bike kit? Well, the price is up there, but so is the price of a Mercedes, 1965 Merlot, or an iPhone. We still think it is a reasonable price for the best electric bike kit on the market, bar-none. Some say the universal mount Lithium battery looks dorky, we agree a little, but you now also have the option of the rear rack mount battery.

If you live in the New York area, Connecticut or New Jersey, stop by our shop and test drive the BionX electric bike kit. If you live far away in California, L.A., San Diego, San Francisco, or even down in Florida or Arizona - call us. We have many customers throughout the country who would gladly provide you with a test drive.

We know from experience that a test-ride is all it takes to realize that the BionX is the best electric bike kit.