Advice to heed when ordering a bicycle motor kit

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Advice to heed when ordering a bicycle motor kit

If you go to Google or Yahoo and search for terms like bicycle motor kit or electric bike kit, you'll end up with quite a few results. You'll find websites like ours, other dealers, eBay listings, articles, manufacturers.... so on and so forth. As bicycle motor kits and electric bikes in general gain more popularity, the market is becoming flooded with people trying to break into the industry. This level of competition is ultimately good for everyone. It means that companies will all be striving to make the best bicycle motor kit out there, that offers the most beneficial features, and at the most affordable price. Of course, it also means that as the market sorts itself out, you as the consumers need to be a bit more careful. There are plenty of products out there that are not of excellent quality, that won't quite meet your needs, and that won't last.

Know where you're getting your bicycle motor kit from

With so many bicycle motor kits advertised online and with more arriving each day, it's impossible for us to just offer a list of the good and the bad. Even if we could, we certainly have not tried out all of the options. For all we know there are some perfectly adequate bicycle motor kits out there that are well worth your money. While we used to stock a larger variety of electric bike kits, these days we've honed our inventory down to two manufacturers, each with a variety of models and set-ups. We carry the Bionx electric motor kit and the eZee bicycle motor kit. We carry these two products because we know that they are both excellent in all regards: they work wonderfully, offer a range of riding options, last, are always well-received and thoroughly enjoyed by their owners, and have a reliable manufacturer backing them.

Am I getting my bicycle motor kit from an official dealer?

So, whether you opt to research and then purchase one of the bicycle motor kits that we carry or look towards another model, it is important that you make sure you know a bit about the kit. Who makes it? Does the company have a good, reliable name? Does the electric bike kit meet my needs? And, most importantly: who am I buying it from?

No matter what, just like with any serious machine, a bicycle with motor assistance will eventually need some sort of maintenance. So, even if you are buying a reliable and celebrated product (like Bionx), you need to know where you're getting it from. Are you purchasing it from an official dealer that has the staff and expertise to help you with any and all troubleshooting, warranty, and repairs and who can offer you all of the backing you will need? Or are you purchasing the kit from some guy on eBay that's selling bicycle motor kits out of his garage, that never even opened the box to test all of the parts before shipping them to you, and who will be unable to offer you any support with your questions and maintenance?

Unfortunately, we frequently get phone calls from people who purchased a bicycle motor kit online, ran into some issues (whether it was a question about installation, a maintenance issue, or a faulty part) and that learned after the fact that they either could not contact the person they purchased the kit from, or upon contacting them learned that they were no longer selling the kits or that they couldn't offer them any help and that they didn't even have any warranty on their electric bike kit since it wasn't purchased through an official dealer.

So what can you do? Simply look into the business that you are purchasing your bicycle motor kit from. Do a bit of research on them, and even contact the manufacturer of the product that they are selling. The manufacturer can always offer you a list of official dealers in your area.