Bicycle and Scooter Specific Chargers from the Manufacturer

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Bicycle and Scooter Specific Chargers from the Manufacturer

NYCeWheels carries an extensive stock of electric bicycle and scooter chargers for many manufacturers. Among these are BionX battery chargers and eZee electric bicycle battery chargers. All of our battery chargers are available at significant savings with fast delivery right to your door.

Our battery chargers come in sizes and style to charge a variety of batteries, including 24V and 36V lithium and NimH batteries. These battery chargers make excellent replacements if your original charger no longer works. It's also handy to keep an extra charger at a second location, such as your place of work, so you can charge your electric bike while you're working for your return trip home.

Please make sure to order the right battery for your electric bike. Most of our chargers ship within a day of our receiving your order, meaning that you'll receive the charger of your choice quickly and conveniently.