Bicycle With Motor: Power vs Weight

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Bicycle With Motor: Power vs Weight

Picking a bike with an electric motor out of the hundreds of models out there is no easy task. Do you want a big, powerful electric bike, or a bicycle that relieves some of the effort of pedaling? These are generally some of the trade-offs found in bicycles with motors. Going over the specifications of a few popular bikes, it's easy to see the differences in performance, power, and weight of various bikes with electric motors.

IF Reach DC: A Folding Bike with an Electric Motor

One of the lightest bicycles with an electric motor currently in production is the 42-pound IF Reach DC folding electric bike. Built with an efficient bottom-bracket motor putting out 250 watts, this little guy is designed to assist the pedaling of a bicycle rider. There's no high-powered throttle, there's no gigantic battery pack. In fact, the IF Reach has a Lithium battery that weighs only 5 pounds! It's a compact folder that is designed to be carried around, hauled up stairs, and easily lifted. Granted, it doesn't have the power of a motorcycle, but you're looking for a bicycle right? Look no further.

Sanyo Eneloop: A Stylish Bike with an Electric Motor

If you like that ultra-hip, smooth, touch-screen design implemented in so many iPods and smart phones today, you're a good candidate for the sleek Sanyo Eneloop electric bike. Here, integration is the key, and a seamless pedal-assist makes this bike one of the quietest around. An automatic control console and a sleek, white frame makes this bike one of the best looking bicycles with a motor. How does it ride? Like the IF Reach, it's light (though not a folding bike), and uses a 250-watt hub motor. The upright, step-through frame means this is easy to mount, and will be comfortable on long distances. It's really one of the nicest looking bikes out there.

A2B by Ultra Motor: The Beefiest Bike with an Electric Motor

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the husky A2B electric bike. A whopping 25 pounds heavier than the Sanyo, this monster is built tough. From the wide tires, to the powerful disc brakes, to the crazy suspension, riding the A2B feels like riding an electric recliner. It's that comfortable. With a 500-watt motor, this bike is guaranteed to climb any hill, pull an amazing amount of weight, and impress your friends. It's completely throttle-powered, so just twist the grip and take off. Though you're not carrying this up a set of stairs, you'll be sure to get noticed anywhere you ride on this bike.

Other bikes with electric motors fall somewhere between the lightweight, low-powered bikes and the heavy-duty electric mules. A bike with a BionX motor is a great hybrid of both worlds, and can be custom built to a personalized bike frame. It's always a great choice for riders who can't bear to part with their bike.

Every bicycle with motor power available at NYCeWheels is tuned-up and ready to ride.