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Other Accessories

NYCeWheels carries a big assortment of accessories for your electric bike or folding bike. These accessories can make you more comfortable, can help your bike last longer and ride better, and can add to your fun and enjoyment, whether you're a commuter or just use your bike for recreation.

We offer many types of handlebar grips to make your grip more secure and to keep your hands more comfortable. NYCeWheels also stocks mud flaps to protect you and your bike from mud, water and road debris on wet days. We even have leather mud flaps made by Brooks, the famous English maker of premium leather bike saddles.

Lubricants available from NYCeWheels will keep your bike running smoothly and will prolong its life. We offer kickstands and accessories to make it easy to park your bike securely, and we even stock baby seats so you can take little ones along for the ride. Browse our wide selection of accessories and let us know if you have any questions.