Bike Boost: An Easy Electric Bike Conversion Kit

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Bike Boost: An Easy Electric Bike Conversion Kit

There are few things that compare with the feeling of an electric bike. Cruising along with the help of an electric motor while the wind blows through your hair, effortlessly climbing steep hills while you watch the other riders struggling to pedal. It's pure bliss.

Even though electric bikes are a practical solution for commuters, many people still have yet to embrace these fun machines. Here are the most common excuses we hear:

"Electric bikes? Well I already have a bicycle and I don't have room for another one."

"They're so expensive! I can get a regular bicycle for $200!"

"Aren't they like, 10 times heavier than a regular bike?"

Yes, it's true. Electric bikes are generally more expensive than regular bikes. They also tend to be on the heavier side.

We've been listening to the dissenters for a long time, and we've come up with a solution that might appeal to all the naysayers out there. It's called the Bike Boost.

The Easiest Electric Bike Kit

The Bike Boost is not an electric bike, it's an electric bike motor kit. This means you can take your existing bicycle and electrify it with a motor and a battery.

"But that's so difficult! I can barely change a flat tire on my bike!

Well today's your lucky day. If you can change a flat, you can install the Bike Boost motor kit. Just swap out your wheel for the motor wheel, run the wires up to the throttle and a battery on the rear rack, and you're done!

Even if you're not so good with "wrenches" and "screwdrivers," your local bike shop should be able to install the Bike Boost in no time flat. It's the easiest electric motor kit for bicycles.

Bike Boost Battery Options

Electric bikes are expensive you say? Well for the most part, you're stuck with the battery and motor that comes with the bike, and they can be pretty pricey.

With the Bike Boost, we let you pick and choose how much you want to spend. Start with your motor wheel. You can put this on the front or the back, depending on your preference.

Depending on your distance, the Bike Boost can be fitted with all sorts of battery options, from Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) to Lithium Polymer, to Lithium Iron. All of these options can be mounted on the rear rack or the main frame of the bike, and run anywhere between 5 and 30 miles per charge. Just pick the best battery option for your riding style!

The Lowest Price Electric Bike Kit

The average price for a good-quality electric bicycle is about $2,000. Most conversion kits even top the $1,000 mark. With the Bike Boost, you can buy a full kit with SLA batteries for less than half of most others. Curious about how an electric bike feels? Want to test something out before dropping a chunk of change? This isn't a huge investment. Plus, you can upgrade the batteries later if you really love it.

The Bike Boost is a custom kit that is only available at NYCeWheels. This means that you'll get the legendary NYCeWheels support from experienced electric bike dealers. We put the kits together, we build the batteries, and we do all of the technical stuff that you don't have to worry about. I guess you can say we're just a bunch of Nyce guys (har har).

Customize your very own Bike Boost electric bike kit!