Bicycle Trailer Reviews

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Bicycle Trailer Reviews

We love bike trailers, you love bike trailers, everyone loves bike trailers for urban transportation! What kind of crazy stuff are you carrying in your bicycle trailer? Send us some pictures and a few words and we'll post it here!

If you're contemplating buying a bike trailer, bicycle trailer reviews from NYCeWheels can help you understand what you should look for. Why get a trailer? There are many reasons, from hauling cargo to hauling kids. Some people even haul pets with their bike trailers. A good bike trailer can add cargo-hauling capacity while also becoming a part of your bike.

Among the best bike trailers lauded by our bike reviewers is the Burley Travoy bike trailer. Tough and durable, this trailer interfaces seamlessly with your bike. It doesn't push and pull, as some inferior trailers do. It becomes one with your bike.

This folding bike trailer is easy to store and folds into an even smaller package than a Brompton folding bike. The trailer is built to be tough, sturdy and reliable. It's easy to use and is ideal for urban use, and it doubles as a hand truck for carting goods or your folding bike.

If you have any questions about Burley Travoy bike trailers or any other bike trailer, call the knowledgeable staff at NYCeWheels. We'll give you quick, helpful answers.