Advantages of a Bike with Motor Assistance

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Advantages of a Bike with Motor Assistance

A bike with motor assistance is useful for many different types of people. Whether you need help climbing hills, or just want to ride without getting too sweaty, a bike with motor power is helpful in many ways.

"What kind of people ride a bike with motor assistance?"

This is one of the most common questions we get asked about our electric powered bikes. Many people either don't see a use for a bike with motor power, or they'd rather pedal a standard bicycle without an electric motor kit. For all of you skeptics out there, we want to show how many different uses there are for a bike with motor assistance, and maybe you'll change your attitude toward these unique battery-powered bikes.

Easy Commutes for a Bike with Motor Power

Riding a bike to work usually results in sweat, fatigue, and dehydration. While this may be a great morning exercise for some, most people do not want to show up to an office looking like they just returned from the gym. A bike with a motor can help alleviate the commuter strain, while still retaining a scenic route to work that doesn't involve underground tunnels and delays. With more workplaces adopting bike parking inside their buildings, you can park your electric bike inside and bring the charger to your office to recharge during the day.

A Bike With A Motor Helps to Handle Hills

Maybe you're one of those die-hard bike riders that lives in a mountainous area. Your bike rides could be fantastic if it weren't for one or two giant hills that ruin the whole experience. Wouldn't it be nice if a bike with motor assistance could help you up that hill? The nice thing about an electric motor wheel is the ability to ride it like a regular bike, and only turn on motor power when needed. A bike with a motor can be pedaled most of the time, and the motor can be engaged only on those brutal inclines. You can still enjoy a bike feel and an electric motor. It's the best of both worlds

All Day Electric Bike Riders

Electric Bike delivery is very popular in urban areas like New York City and Philadelphia. A Bike with a motor can ride all day long with a two battery swap-setup. No longer are delivery bikers tired after work, and they can hit more locations while the food is still hot. Many restaurants invest in multiple bikes with motors, and they usually end up profiting in the long run from efficient, happy riders.

With more bike lanes throughout cities and towns, a bike with a motor is even a viable alternative to a car. It's environmentally friendly, safe, and lots of fun!

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