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Bike messengers

Bike Messenger, New York City 1898 American Distributors Messengers, Western Union Tel. Co.

When asked if Bike Messengering was "physically demanding," three leading bike messengers from the NYC community answered like this:

"Yes, it is. Not only does one have to be a strong cyclist, at times we have to carry very heavy packages. But I would say that if you aren't yet strong, and you'd like to become a messenger, you WILL get strong by doing it."

"That is an understatement. Have you ever used a stationary bike in a gym while in the sauna? Of course it is physically demanding. Your reflexes are tested every moment you are on a bike. Your stamina is also pushed because you have to endure either hours of rain, inches of snow, or 90+ degree plus 90% humidity along with the exhaust from the buses and waves of heat emanating from the hoods of all those damned yellow cabs. I recommend drinking lots of Orange Juice because Vitamin C fights the effects of pollution! You better believe I drink about 14 quarts of unconcentrated OJ a week. You can definitely get in shape by messengering though.. just don't end up in the shape of a cracked egg all over the street under a garbage truck. "

"The worst part is your knees! There are only so many times you can bend those suckers! ."

Obviously, powered vehicles (like scooters, motorcycles, and cars) solve some of these problems. Of course, motorcycles and cars are too big to be used for most messenger activities. And scooters have the disadvantage of needing frequent maintenance, fuel, insurance, and registration; also they often get stolen if left outdoors; if you keep them indoors, they are dangerous because of the flammable fuel. And they are expensive!

But ELECTRIC BIKES are the best of both worlds! Being virtually silent and 100% pollution-free, electric bikes are agile enough to do your messenger activities. They need little maintenance, usually don't need any kind of insurance or registration beyond what any normal bike needs, can be brought indoors safely, and can be much less expensive than other motorized vehicles.

But you have power! Having silent, clean, (and pretty much free) electric bicycle power makes a messenger's life so much better!

Convert your existing ride to an electric bicycle with one of our kits or get a custom one…or just pick from one of the many we have on hand!