Bikes 101 - All About Bikes

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Bikes 101 - All About Bikes

Brompton Electric BikeWant to learn more about bikes? Whether you're a new cyclist or you're considering a bike purchase, it's important to know the essentials before you hit the road. Use this handy guide to cover the basics about bike types, accessories and safety.

Types of Bikes

There are several types of bikes from which you can choose. The basic options are:
  • Road bikes: These bikes ride well on smooth pavement and have a lightweight frame. They're designed for speed, so comfort may be a secondary consideration.
  • Cruiser bikes: These bikes are designed for comfort, style and all-around bicycling. Cruiser bike designs are the basis for many e-bikes, so those familiar with this style will be right at home when shopping for e-bikes.
  • Mountain bikes: These bikes are designed for off-road trails and unpredictable terrain. The frame is heavier and the tires are not as efficient on smooth roads, with much consideration given to suspension and braking.
  • BMX bikes: These smaller bikes are intended for trick and stunt riding, but have a following that enjoys them for their cool-looking designs. Some e-bikes appear to have the stature a BMX bike, but use extended seat and handle heights to make them comfortable for riders of all sizes.
  • Folding bikes: These bikes have a collapsible frame that allows for easier travel and commuting with a bike. These make excellent e-bike bases for those that often take public transportation or complete a leg of their commuting journey in a motor vehicle that can fit a folding bike.
  • Electric bikes: Electric bikes use powerful batteries to make climbing hills and covering long distances incredibly easy - and fast.
  • Scooters: A cousin of the bike, the scooter can be used for fun and function. It can be powered by the rider (kick scooter) or a battery (electric scooter).

Bicycle Safety Tips

Kryptonite U Lock The top safety tip for any cyclist is to wear a helmet. Consider this a non-negotiable part of riding and you'll avoid the most serious injuries that could occur in a potential accident or fall. Your visibility is equally important. Wear bright colors if possible and always use a headlight and taillight or reflector at night.

When you're on the road, don't ride against traffic. You'll need to research your local bike laws, but most places require you to obey traffic signs and signals and follow lane markings just like the vehicles on the road.

Bicycle Maintenance Basics

Many of the common repair issues with bikes can be avoided with regular maintenance. Use this checklist to keep your bike in great shape:
  • Clean your bike with diluted soap, clean rags and brushes.
  • Keep tires full with a hand pump.
  • Tighten any loose bike bolts, nuts and screws.
  • Apply a lubricant to prevent wear caused by excessive friction.

Standard Bicycle Accessories

Stromer Electric Bike If you plan to take your bike out on the road, you'll need some accessories to ensure your safety. Having a side mirror at the end of your handlebars is incredibly helpful if you'll be riding in lots of traffic. A bike lock is also required if you don't have a secure place to leave your bike at all times (U-locks are generally considered the safest). A helmet and lights are absolute musts for safety on the road. Keep a bike pump and repair kit at home for quick fixes and maintenance.

You'll also be able to find lots of fun accessories that increase your comfort while biking. There are stylish cycling clothing options that keep you cool and dry in all types of weather. Installing a water bottle holder helps keep you hydrated, while a front basket or rear pannier provides a handy spot for your belongings.

Now that you know a little more about bikes, it's time to hit the road. Shop for the bikes and accessories you need at NYCeWheels today, or get in touch with us to learn more about your bike options.

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