Electric bicycles, e bikes, bicycles with power assist motors NYCeWheels.com

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Electric bicycles, e bikes, bicycles with power assist motors

Electric bicycles, e bikes, bicycles with power assist motors

Urban/Road Electric Bikes

If you're looking for something to cruise around town, or sprint on the tarmac at high speeds, check out our selection of urban and road style electric bikes. We have an electric bike for every type of riding! From the speedy hub driven Stromer bikes, all the way to the cargo loading mid drive powered Wallerang.

Mountain Electric Bikes

Want to tear up the trail and zip up those hills? E-Mountain is one of the hot new activities in the cycling world, and is a great way to get out and explore with ease! We have a variety of mountain bikes from hardtail, full suspension, 26" to 29ers, hub driven or mid drive, and more! There's an E-Mountain bike for every style of rider, to handle any terrain!

Folding Electric Bikes

When it comes to utility, a folding electric bike is one of the most practical bikes you can get! Takes up very little space in your closet, car trunk, or wherever else you need to take it! We have the top of the line folding electric bikes on the market, with not only high quality motors and batteries, but well engineered frames that can handle the daily fold and ride.

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The Benefits of an Electric Bike

An electric bicycle will change everything you thought you knew about cycling. You'll be able to ride anywhere without feeling overexerted, travelling further and faster than you've ever dreamed. If you remember the liberating joy of going downhill on a bicycle, being able to relax and feel the breeze in your face without any effort, that is how you'll feel all the time. An electric bicycle automatically assists you whenever you operate the pedal and the motor is designed to be maintenance-free, smooth and quiet.

Electric bicycles can be operated in two modes:

Power Assist (PAS) - the motor automatically engages when you pedal
Power on Demand (POD) - the motor is operated with the handlebar throttle, like a moped
Certain models include both modes,.

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