BionX Battery Not Charging

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BionX Battery Not Charging

Note: If you're battery is taking a charge but the battery gauge doesn't show full then you should see the instructions for how to Calibrate the BionX Battery Gauge. Follow instructions on this page if your battery doesn't seem to charge at all.

If you don't think your BionX is charging there are a few quick things to check before we get into complicated stuff:

  1. Charger is plugged into a working outlet? Test it with another appliance.
  2. Voltage switch (only present chargers that have a fan and external fuse) is set to proper voltage for your country (US setting is 115V)?
  3. If the charger has an external fuse (not all do), is it in tact or do you have a blown fuse? Unscrew the fuse holder to inspect the fuse. If it doesn't have clear sides use a multimeter to determine if there is continuity in the fuse.
Some things to try if all of the above checks out:
  1. If your charger has a voltage switch and it's set to the right place, flick it back and forth a few times very quickly and then set it to the right place. Sometimes the switch gets sort of stuck. Other models of BionX charger switch voltage automatically.
  2. If your charger has an XLR connector on the end of the wire that connects to the battery it should be opened to inspect the solder connections. Sometimes a wire will get pulled or tripped over and although there's no apparent damage the connections or wires in this XLR plug can be broken. To check, unscrew only the small connector on the metal body of the connector and then push the wire through from the back. This should expose the 4 pins and the wires soldered to them. Is this connection damaged? If there is damage here it must be repaired - this is not a warranty case because it can only happen from the wire being pulled with excessive force.
  3. If your system wont turn on try following the BionX Battery Recovery Procedure.
If all of that doesn't lead to a working charger and a charging battery then you'll probably have to order a new charger. If your BionX is not working at all you should also follow the instructions to diagnose a blown fuse in the battery. Visit the BionX Does Not Turn On page to do so.

48V BionX specific issues

In some cases, when battery light feedback blinks red (or green), let the battery cool down for few hours and try again to recharge. Verify that power supply output is around 26Vdc by measuring between external and internal barrels on the plug (not the central male pin). Try to turn on system with power supply connected to battery, check for possible error codes and battery voltage with Diagnostic Mode.